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REflections on Easter by an Almost 3 year Old

REALLY bad dye jobs and Easter vacation

So I guess these photos speak for themselves, but since I'm so mad and disappointed I'll still vent a little!!  I'm a ZEBRA HEAD!!  I trusted her, this is a swanky salon so I didn't even think that I'd get such a bad job!!  My hair was kind of dull since the pregnancy and since a lot of it fell out after Phil was born a lot of grey that was once hidden below suddenly were on display!!  So last week when I was in for a cut she suggested light highlights, ones that you could grow out and not be noticed, just to brighten things up...  SOLD!  Well, today I went in and she did the foils all seemed to be going well until rince time YIKES!!!  It's such a gross blond, it's so different from the rest of my hair and does NOT look natural at all PLUS the colour is still really flat, and dull!!!   She didn't even go to the roots in the front of all places!!!  I put a few more pix in the April folder (most are blurry but they are self portraits in bad light!!), look at the pony tail one, I'm supposed to go out in public like this, it looks like already need to go in and get my roots done.  I went out and got a home colour thingy so hopefully that will work, cross your fingers for me!!  Funny enough we didn't know but my sister got highlights yesterday, lets hope her's turned out much better!!  I wanna see pix Nicole!!  Blogger Blog ETA- dyed it again last night, the whole thing is lighter but the highlights looks the same.  The main colour is closer to the the highlight colour so I think it's better, the base is kind of a warmer colour,  it'll do.  It's a big puffy mess though today and I don't want to do any more to it so I'll add pix tomorrow


And here's a few of the crew as well!!  Jacques has finished school until Tuesday and we're excited for Easter!!

Phil_2 Dsc_1387_1 Dsc_1406 Dsc_1426