REALLY bad dye jobs and Easter vacation
big ole' toot!!!!

REflections on Easter by an Almost 3 year Old

Here's a little preface to this story...

*The boys are Star Wars fans but it's been a long while since they've watched or talked about it...  Funny enough the Easter bunny is bringing Darth Vader eggs tonight, of course they don't know this.

*We have a young child's bible and we've been reading about the Easter story and the boys basically understood that some mean people thought Jesus was bad but they were wrong. 

*The boys, especially Anthony, still tend to refer to Jesus as Baby Jesus since Christmas, or sometimes 'Baby Jesus all growed up'...

So, my story...  at supper tonight we were talking about what had happened on Good Friday and Anthony comes out with 'I dink dat Darth Vader was the bad man that hurt Baby Jesus'

Happy Easter all