I didn't forget aboutcha!!
REALLY bad dye jobs and Easter vacation

Scratches and swimming

My mom knows me well, knows how I talk and that I wouldn't cut my hair short!!!  I guess I worded that strangely, just Anthony went short!  I got 2cm taken off, but that's in hairdresser speak so it's more like 5!!  Still long though!!

Went to the pool today with Anthony and Philippe.  Philippe's first time and he LOVED it, man this kid's easy going!  Anthony was a bit scared, we haven't gone since before Philippe was born.   He was ok at the end and over all had fun.  Helen met us there, it was so great to have an extra set of hands!

One of Jacques' friends scratched him today.  He's got 4 or 5 deep scratches on his face.  The teacher was really upset about it and took him out to me when I picked him up.  She said in no way was it Jacques' fault.  I talked to the boy's dad and he felt really badly!!  we met Dorian (another friend) and his dad on the way out of the yard and the dad asked if it was B. that scratched him.  I guess he's scratched Dorian and some other kids as well...  sigh.