SaG Part 2


As in Where is Cara???  Ok, I had a nice part 3 post all ready to go and then Matthieu kicked me off before I could proofread and post it.  He NEEDED the computer for work...  well, he ended up crashing the computer with something that had nothing to do with work!! And since, poor Phil has been sooo clingy.  He's teething and has a cold so he's a bit miserable and that means that he's only happy in momma's arms!!!

Ok, back to ScrapaGanza!!!

In a small coastal town about 45 kms north of Amsterdam...  The hotel was HUGE, I mean massive, I got lost soooooo many times!!  Amber and I got lost looking for a bathroom, found one really close to all the scrap classes, then we needed to go again and could NOT find it... then finally we did, or so we thought!  It was a completely different bathroom and we never did find that phantom bathroom again!!!

In other news...

It's Mother's day here today...  fun, but typical Sunday, Matthieu takes the boys so I can catch up on housework.  We had MIL anbd FIL over for lunch.  I made her a mini album (don't be jealous mom, I made one for you too, but you have to come get it!!!). 

The boys were so sweet.  On Friday, Jacques came out of school with something behind his back.  He then tried to put it in his school bag, but was having trouble, so I had to do it with my eyes closed!!  Then Matthieu took the 3 of them shopping  and ended upleaving the bag in the middle of the kitchen floor, doh, where I tripped overit and swept around it and pretended not to see it!!  They holed themselved up in my scraproom all morning and made a fun little hangy thing with their photos on it.  I kept hearing little voices coming from my room, 'Mommy, Daddy's cutting my neck!'  He cut out their photos!!  In school Jacques made a beautiful beaded bracelet and it was wrapped in a package they made tehmselves and there was a poem on a card that he learned, soooooo sweet!!! I'll post photos once the lunch dishes are finished.  Just hopping on here quickly with Phee on my lap, he was getting tired of his walker and Mommy not letting him pull plate out of the dishwasher!!!