Why I don't Scrap Digi...


To scrap of course!!  With the added bonus of getting to meet Amber and her family and hang out with her...

I took 9 classes over the weekend, lots of fun projects!   Ideally I would have 47 hours in each day and I would have finished up all of my projects and took some fab photos of each, but alas...  24 hours is all I get so that's why this entry is so long in coming and lacking photos.  I did indeed upload some photos from the weekend into the Scrapaganza album... yay me!!

Friday night was our HS album, since I arrived only minutes before it started I was worried that I wouldn't find Amber, and a bit dissappointed that we didn't get to chat a bit before hand.  When I arrived at the door there she was with a seat for me behind her...We chatted a teeny bit before it started.  The class itself was a bit of a thumb-twiddler, but I guess that gave me more time to chat and go through all that stash!!  We got a cropper hopper thingy stuffed full and we'd only use bits of each product, Heidi rocks!!Ambercara

Saturday started off by meeting Amber for our Scrapworks class at 8am, we did a fun summer-y page, with their cool perferated CS sheets.  Got some nice goodies and the projects was finished!!!  Amber had a class (with Karen B, I think) and I headed off to breakfast.

I met up with her again in our Van Gogh class, fun stuff with paints...  no real project here, so that was a bummer, but I did learn a lot and I think I'll be more apt to pull out my paints.  The teacher seemed a bit nervous but she knew her stuff and I learned a lot.

Next, quick lunch, then off to my doodlebug class without Amber.  We got some fab goodies, but it was all a bit really, really bright!!  Even for doodlebug.  The technique was very cool and there are lots of goodies left over.  The page is not finished so I think I'll tone it down a bit whenever I do get the chance to finish it...  the teacher was so fun and really made the class!

I had a bit of break until 4 when we had the second part of our Heidi album class, this one moved a lot faster than Friday night's and we did some really fun techniques with masks, modeling paste, chalk inks, painting rub ons and I'm sure there's more!  Really fun and again it was with Amber so that made it all the better!!

Another break for supper, and the whole pizza saga...  then off to my other HS class Think pink.  Amber had her's earlier in the day, the rest of my classes were without her, but I did meet Pascale and we had 2 together.  Again LOTS of HS stash, we took a frame kit and made it into an album.  Amber has convinced me that I NEED to make some for gifts (ok, my arm is total rubber in this case), but they are so stinkin' cool!!  Again, not finished here, but it shouldn't take much time.  Amber was waiting for me outside the class with my pizza so we got a piccie with Emily Waters and Liz Eaton and of course the pizza box.Pizza

a quick bite of pizza and off to Bazzill.  This was THE most organised class!!  Everything was pre-cut and it was the sweetest little mini book.  I finished it in less than 40 mins and had fun chatting with Pascale. I did leave a bit early so that I could munch on pizza, go feed Phil and have a quick minute at the raffle draw with Amber and Sara (another Canadian over here). 

Last class of the day, Chatterbox, started at 10:30, 30mins late because of the raffle draw.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  Becks was teaching and she was sooooo fun!!  LOVE her!!  It was about journaling which was great but the page itself was soooo busy!!  Again it's not finished so I'm going to take it apart and do it my way.  No need of wasting all that fabulous purple CBX!!

Sunday morning was our last class with the HS album.  I got there just as class was starting because I had been packing up our room as we had to check out right after.  Amber got us a table though...  we worked a bit more and tried to finish up the pages but, I didn't finish...  Actually, there were 5 pages in the class, but the album holds 40...  so lots of room to play there...

So that's it.  I know I probably bored you all to tears but I wanted to get this all down before it leaks out of my head!!  Ok, back to your regularly scheduled blog about my boys... at least until next year!