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My new Ride

I'm getting used to my new (to me) van.  It's huge but I'm adjusting after having a hatchback!!  Driving it is okay, I'm used to the narrow roads, it's parking that's a problem...  the car's a beast, it's so wide!!!  Already with Mandy i found the parking spaces tight, but this is worse...  thank goodness for sliding doors.  Seriously, I have about 25 cm on either side!!  Needless to say I try to park with an empty space beside me!  Oh how I love the spaces at home... when you open the door it is still inside the white line!!  Parallel parking isn't as bad as you'd think, provided  you can find a space long enough...  Yesterday, I was taking Anthony to playschool.  It's ideal there to learn to parallel park, lots of big spaces on a quiet street. It's where I retaught myself.  I don't think I ever did it once in Antigonish, besides in driver's ed...  So anyway, yesterday, I nailed it and I was all proud of myself and Anthony calls from the way back of the van 'YOU WOCKED IT MOMMY!!'  teehee

The things I miss most about my old car???

1.  she used to gear down for me, I didn't need to brake too much
2.  her automatic wipers
3.  the keyless entry was on the key, so now I have this big extra heavy thing on my keychain
4.  she was purple (well, in certain lighting)
5.  I could turn off the front airbag and have Philippe next to me