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Lots of reasons keeping me busy!  It's fabulously gorgeous out lately.  Not too hot not too cold and SUNSHINE!!  We've been outside a lot!  The boys are having so much fun, making up for lost time this spring!  I can't believe that one week ago the boys had to wear wollen hats and today they are in shorts and tee shirts...

Philippe has not been sleeping well, he keeps getting up earlier and earlier in the night and more often...  So that means I'm not sleeping and I'm dragging my feet during the day.  The night before last, I let him cry... I won't tell you how long because you'll think I'm a cruel mother, but I'm so tired, I couldn't take it any longer.  He was in our bed and I soothed and sang, but I refused to nurse him.  I never really had to do that with the others.  Philippe will not just cry a bit and eventually fall asleep.  He screams the second you put him in his crib and doesn't stop.  Usually, I let him cry 2-3 minutes to tire him out and then rock him til he falls asleep.  Only, lately it's been getting harder and harder to get him asleep.  So last night at 2am, after crying he finally fell asleep, by holding onto my pyjama sleeve.  For one of his naps yesrterday, I gave him my pyjama top.  He barely cried and fell asleep on his own!!!  We'll see how he does today.  Last night he woke up crying, by the time I got there he was asleep again, so I got some sleep...

Another reason is that I have a tonne of projects that need doing now...  One I can't dwell on too much as a certain 39 week pregnant gal does lurk here from time to time... hi Helen!!  And I'm making invitations, menu cards and mass programmes for Philippe's baptisme.

BTW, I plan on changing the name of my blog to 'Only Amber loves Me!'  No one leaves me comments anymore, hmph!!