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Holy Frickin' Fast Bikes Batman!!!

Stupid braderie and other annoyances

Ok,  just a little vent...

Usually they have the braderie on Wednesdays, when there's no school. This year it's today. It takes up the whole pedestrian part of Down town.  What a headache it was just to go pick up Jacques at lunch and get bread! 

Let's see, ok, seriously, do you need to keep the automated sprinklers on, Ville-de-Thionville, when it's pouring so hard the streets are flooding?

Why do the French feel they need intructions for dry cereal?  Seriously... 1.  pour cereal in  bowl. 2. pour in some cold milk.  C'est pret!

On our pack of sugar there's a mail in rebate for 0€60 (60 cents), hello!!! a stamp costs 0€53!!  Wow, a whole freakin' 7 cents, lets run right to the post office!

Why can't they find a symbol for cents?

have a great friday!