Stupid bleeping electronic thingies!!

Why I don't Scrap Digi...

Matthieu is really trying to get me to try digital scrapbooking.  I really have no desire to even try it... The bottom line ...  it's not fun for me.  This is a hobby, so is supposed to be fun but I really dislike the computer end of it... I don't like getting the photos from my camera and editing them...  Love the results, just not all the work.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my photoshop is all in French.  Ok, yes, I realise that I am bilingual, but this is vocabulary that is pretty specific and I don't know what a lot of it is.  so it's a lot of trial and error...  I mean Amy Howe posted a cool, simple tip in the BG newsletter and I couldn't even figure out where all that suff was in my French PS.  Matthieu recently got me Nikon Capture, that's cool because eventhough it's in French everything is icons and I don't have to go through 6 zillion dropdown menus to find what I want.  I haven't played around much yet, so we'll see how that works out. 

Another reason is I just love paper and pencil.  Give me an empty journal and I get all giddy!!  Give my a blank Word page and I get all stressed out.  I took a great online class from the Big Picture and was all gung ho until she said that we had to journal on the computer.  Well, I stopped right there...  stuck... writer's block.  It wasn't until I decided to do it by hand, like I do with all my scrapbooking, that I could write what I needed. 

One last weird reason is that I do something to screw up electronics...  seriously I have some sort of electric force that breaks them in strange ways.  I used to have a stereo that would only skip for certain songs numbers on any given CD...  CDs that worked just fine on any other stereo...  Matthieu bought a camera when we were first dating... a camera that I acquired when we moved in together 3 years later.   It broke, don't know how I did it, it would have cost about 200€ to fix it so we bought another one, it's my P&S that I keep in my purse today.  This one will turn off all by itself at any given moment.  Usually, while I'm taking a photo.  Mind you this camera works perfectly fine for anyone else!!!!  The other night when I was resizing the photos from SAG I turned around to say something to Matthieu and when I turned back, they were all gone.  19 photos poof!!!  And last night a whole folder disappeared, I found later under another folder...  see I'm bewitched, or maybe I'm a witch and don't know it!!  Speaking of...  we got Harry and the GOF on DVD today...  the boys enjoyed the un-scary bits!!