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Leaving tonight

so we are heading down to pick up the boys...  Matthieu wants to leave tonight instead of tomorrow morning.  Drive all night!  We'll be back mid-week next week.  Magaly is house/cat/canary/plant-sitting!!

Can't wait to see the boys!!

Oh, btw it rained, so it's a bit cooler today!!  Blessed rain!

It's midnight...

and so why then am I not asleep??  Especially, since the baby likes to get up between 6:30 and 7am...  I'll tell you why...

1.  It's over 27 freakin'°C in my room, inside at-hello-the middle of the night...  that's 81°F for the American readers, lol
2. Despite my pleas, Matthieu has yet to bring the fan out of storage.  I can't manoevere it in the small staircase, or I'd do it myself.
3.  Matthieu's workers all went home early to avoid working in the heat and are just back now to finish loading the trucks.  Great idea for them, but dude, those forklifts are really LOUD  just outside my window.
4.  I need to take a shower to cool off...
5.  There is no air, well, ok, there's air but it's not moving.  I'm serious there is not the slightest breeze... there's no way the house will cool off if the air just sits there.  I have ALL the windows wide open and nothin'  Blow wind blow!!!

Did i mention it was hot?

Cereal killer

More proof that this is indeed our child... as if I had any doubts.

It's 8 am, I'm here with my breakfast and Phee is in his walker (no worries, we don't have stairs).   When he saw me coming with the bowl, he rolled on over for a bite.  He'll take a bite, roll away then squeal in protest when the bite is finished because he's too far away to get his next fix fast enough!!  You'd never know that he just nursed!!  He loves cereal like his momma and can never be full like his dad.


My maiden name is Barkhouse...  for those of you who don't know.  Way back when (Dad, feel free to pop in with the details) my ancestors immigrated to Canada they changed it from Berghaus.  It literally means house in the hills or something right, Amber?)...  About a year ago, Matthieu came across a guy selling Berghaus brand products and he bought my dad a big set of knives. 

Well!  He came home today with a HUGE box of Berghaus brand pots!  They are so shiny and so fab as far as pots go, LOL!!  The best is, each time I cook (which I hate BTW) I'll think of my heritage!!

Happy Birthday to my SWEET BOY!!

Ah, 5 years, how the hell did that go by soooo fast.  He's still in Spain and having a blast but is missing us today!  Probably not as much as we are missing him.  It was so hard to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday and not be able to hug and kiss him and watch him blow out his candles.  Apparently, he forgot it was his birthday so he was so surprised when they came with the cake and candles!

We are going down at the end of next week so the first thing I'm going to do is wish him a happy birthday in person...

I made this LO last night...  photos are from about a year ago.Ajourneyandadventurein 

Really quickly...

I know I'm a slacker, it's so freakin hot here though it's hard to think, let along get things done...  Let's see...

The boys are in Spain with the ILs, having fun going to the beach etc etc...  We talked to them on the phone tonight and they seem so happy.  They are so sweet with their I love you's out of the blue!!  Miss them and their noisy happiness.

The baby now has 4 teeth and is really minding the heat.  We go outside early in the morning and late at night.  I give him a bath mid afternoon and he's been sleeping a lot.  I've been trying to wean him off the 4pm feeding but he up and decided that the before bed one was the one to go... ow!!!

We are cat sitting a teeny tiny 300g kitty...  ok, she (I think it's a she, a bit too much fluff to tell) is now 425g but when she first got here, she was sooooooo scrawny.  MIL rescued her and was planning on taking her in the van to Spain, much better to keep her here.  Except the silly thing loves to hide, so we keep the kitchen door closed because with our open floor plan it'd be sooooo easy to lose such a tiny thing.  She climbed in a shelf and was hiding in a cereal box yesterday...

Ok, it' now 11pm and somewhat cool so I'm going to clean up around here...


Just putting my entry from yesterday in again... Typepad was down and I risk losing the post... so if you've read it already, sorry!! I did add a direct link to our LO a day challenge...  Oh and Patty I lost your comment because if it... sorry!!


Mom, Dad and Keith left this morning...  Their plane leaves Frankfurt in about 15 minutes so I'm assuming they are sitting in it as I type...  We had such a great time while they were here...  Did so many fun things, but also just hung out and got a chance to catch up.  I've got a million and one photos, but I don't have time to show you today as I also have a very untidy house and a reason to baby proof...

PHILIPPE is crawling!!!  He started about 5 days ago, he's not very fast yet, but he sure can get around.  He just pulled a lamp down this morning (no one hurt, nothing broken) so I really have to go through the house.  I also really need to get the playpen down and set up!!  He also cut 3 teeth (his first 3) while they were here!!  He changed quite a bit in the last 2 weeks, he really chubbed up, got really attached to me, then suddenly stopped howling when I left a room when he started crawling;  I guess he realised he could just follow me!  He also pulls up a lot more, can go from belly to bum and is sleeping a whole lot better!!  I feel a LO coming on!

Jacques and Anthony had so much fun being spoiled, as did I!!  They are going to get spoiled by the other set of grandparents starting Monday when they leave for Spain!!!  That'll give me a chance to get some photos up... including some of my scraproom! so excited about this work in progress!!

I'm hosting a LO a day challenge over at if anyone is interested.  We start today are going to September, but feel free to do just a week if you have some free time!!  come check it out!!  ETA: here's the link to the challenge thread.


Holy Frickin' Fast Bikes Batman!!!

La Tour de France passed by our freakin' house today!!!!!!!  These are all shots from our balcony!!  Once they passed we went back in to watch them bike through the rest of the town!  It was really incredible to see them all so close!!

PS...  Mom and Dad are here, having lots of fun, but not too much time for bloggin'!Dsc_0308 Dsc_0321_1 Dsc_0324 Dsc_0325 Aquarel

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