Cereal killer
Leaving tonight

It's midnight...

and so why then am I not asleep??  Especially, since the baby likes to get up between 6:30 and 7am...  I'll tell you why...

1.  It's over 27 freakin'°C in my room, inside at-hello-the middle of the night...  that's 81°F for the American readers, lol
2. Despite my pleas, Matthieu has yet to bring the fan out of storage.  I can't manoevere it in the small staircase, or I'd do it myself.
3.  Matthieu's workers all went home early to avoid working in the heat and are just back now to finish loading the trucks.  Great idea for them, but dude, those forklifts are really LOUD  just outside my window.
4.  I need to take a shower to cool off...
5.  There is no air, well, ok, there's air but it's not moving.  I'm serious there is not the slightest breeze... there's no way the house will cool off if the air just sits there.  I have ALL the windows wide open and nothin'  Blow wind blow!!!

Did i mention it was hot?