Holy Frickin' Fast Bikes Batman!!!
Really quickly...


Just putting my entry from yesterday in again... Typepad was down and I risk losing the post... so if you've read it already, sorry!! I did add a direct link to our LO a day challenge...  Oh and Patty I lost your comment because if it... sorry!!


Mom, Dad and Keith left this morning...  Their plane leaves Frankfurt in about 15 minutes so I'm assuming they are sitting in it as I type...  We had such a great time while they were here...  Did so many fun things, but also just hung out and got a chance to catch up.  I've got a million and one photos, but I don't have time to show you today as I also have a very untidy house and a reason to baby proof...

PHILIPPE is crawling!!!  He started about 5 days ago, he's not very fast yet, but he sure can get around.  He just pulled a lamp down this morning (no one hurt, nothing broken) so I really have to go through the house.  I also really need to get the playpen down and set up!!  He also cut 3 teeth (his first 3) while they were here!!  He changed quite a bit in the last 2 weeks, he really chubbed up, got really attached to me, then suddenly stopped howling when I left a room when he started crawling;  I guess he realised he could just follow me!  He also pulls up a lot more, can go from belly to bum and is sleeping a whole lot better!!  I feel a LO coming on!

Jacques and Anthony had so much fun being spoiled, as did I!!  They are going to get spoiled by the other set of grandparents starting Monday when they leave for Spain!!!  That'll give me a chance to get some photos up... including some of my scraproom! so excited about this work in progress!!

I'm hosting a LO a day challenge over at www.scrappersanonymous.com if anyone is interested.  We start today are going to September, but feel free to do just a week if you have some free time!!  come check it out!!  ETA: here's the link to the challenge thread.