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Of sewing machines and lost children...

I know I've probably scared you with the lost kid thing so I'll start there.  The little ones were asleep for their nap yesterday and Jacques was in my room resting.  I noticed he was super quiet, so I went to check...  No Jacques!  I figured he must have gone to his room to play... Nope!  Not in the bathroom either!!!  Starting to freak a bit (I tend to freak out easily, right mom?) I go back to my room, start to look around incase he's hiding and I touch the quilt at the end of the bed... it's hard!  He was all tangled under there asleep and rather warm as well!

I got a new sewing machine that works!!  All is right with the world, I can't go long without one!!

I've declared Wednesdays computer free from now on.  a quick check in the morning and at night but, during the day it's off.  Inspired again by the fab Courtney Kelly, who has decided to spend less time on her computer to spend with her kids!!  Thanks C, miss your emails though!! There is no school here on Wednesdays and since school starts next week I thought today will be a practice 'No computer Wednesday'

I'll post the final list of Scrap Ac' players tomorrow, last day to sign up is today...  so glad there are lots of players!!!

due for a change...

yeah, I realised it's been about 11 months since I changed the blanner etc...

I know it's nothing cool or whatever, but I told you I don't do digi, LOL!!  I guess I'm just going to have to scrap something and scan it!!

Tracey and Susanna got you on my list!!  Tracey I don't have an email for you though...  I think I'll send out a reminder on Friday, for those who don't check in regularly.

Lots of fun around here!!

ANTHONY CAN RIDE A BIKE!!!  I heard him call Mommy from outside.  When I went to the window I was sooooo proud to see him zooming around.  Still a bit wobbly, but going pretty fast!!  He's only 3!  He started with a pedaless bike so he has the balance, it was just learning to pedal.  Matthieu had been working with him for a few weeks on Jacques' old bike, and today he DID IT!!  Wanna see?  I'll throw in one of the 'look-mom-no-pedals bike too...  he's still more confident on this one.Boysonbikes   The last photo is supper blurry, but I thought it looked cool!


Abikeaway_1 Bikehelp


In other news...  Philippe has started saying his first word!  HI!  It's so great to come into a room and have him great us this way!  He still pumps his legs and arms like before when he sees me, but the hi thing is sooooo great!! 

He's also being weaned...  We were down to 2 feedings and now this afternoon, he had yogurts.  He wants nothing to do with formula, even the chocolate flavoured stuff {the ped said to try that}  So we'll see how that goes.  I was sooooo wanting to just break down and feed him, but I want to wean too!

He's also getting a lot more stable on his legs.  He's scared to walk on his own, but if we let go of his hands while he's standing he won't just plop down on his bum.  He'll actually lower himself down slowly, either to his bum or hands and knees.  So great!  He should be walking by his birthday, which is in 28 days, holy cow!!!!!

Here's the list of participants for Scrap Ac' still time people so come on and join in the fun!!

Amber R
Audrey (no there will be no Nikos!!  no need to torture our selves!!  LOL!!)
Amber L

Rain rain go away!!

Ick!  It's nasty and cold today, and we had to venture out to the pediatrician's...  Luckily we weren't outside when it wasn't pouring down.  Jacques and Philippe both had check-ups and they both are packing on the pounds and growing like weeds and are healthy boys! 

Last year ('04-'05 school year) we had an Amercian exchange student as a babysitter while I teaching my english classes.  Her name is Jackie and she's the sweetest thing.  She was here visiting her host family and came for a visit on Sunday.  Love ya Jackie!!  Of course the boys would not get serious for th photo, but I LOVE these!!Jackiesilly1 Jackiesilly2 Jackie

We also had a sweet little visitor yesterday...  tiny Thomas...Tomlikesjacques Tom_1

Oh, and this was Philippe at lunch yesterday...  Gee, Matthieu  I wonder how the child gained a whole kg since his last appointment!!Chocophil

thanks everyone who signed up for my challenges, the more the merrier!!  This is going to be so fun!! 


So... that challenge...

This has been edited (thanks Amber) to make it a whole lot less confusing!!!

I'm totally addicted to these long scrapbook contests, with a million rounds and eliminations and such.  I was/am in 3 this summer, so...  I decided to host my own! 

Here's the deal: at the beginning of each week I'll post a Layout Challenge which will be due on the Friday of that week. There will be at least 5 challenges over 5 weeks (that's a weekly challenge for those keeping count!). Each challenge will have bonus points and random trivia points. The gal with the most bonus points who also completes all the challenges will win the grand prize: a line of FLAIR products (her choice) including papers, stickers, embellies or rub-ons (depending on what the line includes). Everyone else who completes every challenge, is also guaranteed a prize at the end of the contest!!    Here's a link to get you drooling and motivated...

The French have a fun reality show called Star Academy (or Star Ac' for short). It's 6th year is about to begin. It's sort of like American/Canadian Idol but it's actually a school.  Anyway, each Friday night they have a 'Prime' (a Prime time show) and someone gets booted off.  So I thought it would be fun to call this Scrap Ac'!!   Every Friday we'll have our own prime when your LO is due but no one will get kicked out even if you don't do the challenge you can still participate, you just won't get a prize.

I'll take sign ups until Wednesday Aug 30 and I'll give you your first challenge Sept 1.  So spread the word, I'd love for this to be big!!!  Lots of scrappers and lots of fun!!

Weekend Highlights

Ok, I'm less cranky now, so I'll just fill you in on a few of the best parts of our trip...

Despite the rain the boys had a fantastic time, they loved sleeping in the camper and were so excited to feed monkeys and watch birds fly over their heads...  yeah, they had a bird of prey show with loads of neat stuff like birds that use tools and different flights etc. The best was the falcon in flight... but the most memorable were the vultures, they fly really low so they were right over our heads!!  I felt the tip of a wing more than once.  It was also really neat to be that close to so many monkeys at 'La Montagne des Singes'  I have photos but my camera is being difficult...

We also went shopping at Baccarat in Baccarat, lol.  got our anniversary gifts a little late.  We usually get one gift for us, as a couple, but we couldn't find something that we both loved so we each got each other something.

Blueberry pies, mmmm did I mention the pies?

Koenigbourg, a restored castle, gorgeous...

A car museum...yawn...with about 3 zillion cars, that...yawn...all looked pretty much the same...yawn...  but Matthieu had to look at!!  Did I mention we drove an extra 100km or so to get there?  I think I only took 8 photos in there, that's it.  I think 6 were in the kids play room (TG for that playroom, the boys, who love cars too, were just as bored as I was).  The other 2 photos are of the boys in a car.

BTW,  Anyone up for a scrappy challenge?  More details tomorrow...

Grumpy Gus

I'm too grumpy to write about fun happy camping trips so I'll jusDsc_0259t post these...

Dsc_0334 Dsc_0363_1 Dsc_0492 Dsc_0493 Dsc_0495 Dsc_0378

blueberry pie and new babies

We went camping!!  We left on Saturday and just got back!  It was so much fun!  I'm such a homebody, my favourite place to be is HOME.  So I have no idea why I love to camp so much...  It was pouring rain about 75% of the time but I LOVED it , the boys loved it!! 

We were in the Vosges and in Alsace, where the blueberry pie tastes just like home, ah Brendan's pie, mmmmm...  um anyway!!  It's sooooooo amazingly beautiful there!!  Piccies soon for sure people!!!

Congrats to Krista, Patrick and big sister Abigail!  Katie Anne McKenna was born Wednesday.  I was talking to Krista yesterday, she sounds fab and the baby is doing great!!  I sooooo wish I was there to hold her.  My grandfather was right again!  He has never been wrong in predicting the sex of a baby, ever!!!  Abby, after being introduced to her new little sister, spotted the TV in the room and asked, 'I watch Dora, Mommy?' 

More tomorrow, heading to bed early.  I was up late finishing my Effer LO...  I'm trying to catch up on emails...  Tomorrow should be a calm day so I hope to tackle my inbox!  Oh and Nicola, you are so coming to SAG!!  Mellie and I won't let you not come!!

One of those days...

It started when I poured my juice into my tea instead of in the glass beside it. 
Later we went to the butcher's...  then the baker's (no one makes candles sticks around here though...)  I decided to go to another baker instead our my regular one, closer to the butcher.. .  it was closes for summer holidays.
fine, decided to walk a bit further to another one...  about half way there (the time it would have taken to get back to the car, BTW) it started to rain.
By the time we got to the baker's, it was pouring...
They were closed for their vacation as well...
Fine, stuck Anthony on the back of the stroller and Jacques and I ran as fast as we could back to the car...  LAUGHING the whole way!!!  Though Philippe an Anthony were not impressed.
Got there and a beer truck was parked behind my car, blocking me in... 
Got them to move, they helped me steer my ARZ around the stuff they had unloaded already and got the boys back home in the warm ddry house.
Then at lunch, I jammed my hand in the kitchen tap hose OWWWW!!!!  But, I got to wear a purple Scooby doo bandaid, so all is well, though it does still hurt...

BUT!  Around 4pm I checked the Effer blog and the Last Scrapper standing list was up!!  I made it through the first round!!!!  That was my goal, with over 350 entries cut down by about half, I'm happy!!  don't get me wrong, I'll do my best to get through the next one too!!  Here's my LO...  the challenge was to write all the journaling on the photo...



I thought I'd share my new scrap space with you.  While Mom, Dad and Keith were here they helped me purge, reorganise and buy new furniture.  I love it!!  There's still lots I'd love to do in there. Eventually put in countertops and more wall cupboards, make things match up better... but for now, it works fine.

Clean This is my new desk... perfection for me.  I can scrap standing up which I found works well for me because I'm really lazy so if I sit I hate to get up and therefore I don't tend to move around much.  I don't get up to get other stuff, so I wasn't using my stash.  And I got cranky if I had to get up a billion times to tend to the boys if they were in there with me.  All those drawers are so super for storing everything I have and being able to see it all.  There is even one that is still empty, well, the IKEA catalogue and instruction books are in there for now, but empty of scrap stuff.

After This is what the desk looks like at it's worst.  It only looks like this after I finish a page and only for a few minutes because I clean up right away!!  With the other desk, that was unheard of!  I'd just pile everything off to one side... did I mention I was lazy?  Plus,  my storage system made it hard to get things away easily.   With the new desk, it only takes 3-4 mins tops!!  I usually leave everything open as I'm scrappin' so I can see stuff and grab supplies and tools.  If I have to stop before I finish a page, I put all the tools and stuff away and neatly pile up the goodies that I still may use.

Between If I finish a page, but sill want to scrap, I clear everything from the last page and just leave out the basics.  From front to back, my stack of photos, sketch pad, scrap paper, garbage basket, coffee and my basket of new goodies.  the paper drawer is open too (far cupboard by the window).  Anyone wanna come scrap?