Need to get myself my own Shrieking Shack
One of those days...


I thought I'd share my new scrap space with you.  While Mom, Dad and Keith were here they helped me purge, reorganise and buy new furniture.  I love it!!  There's still lots I'd love to do in there. Eventually put in countertops and more wall cupboards, make things match up better... but for now, it works fine.

Clean This is my new desk... perfection for me.  I can scrap standing up which I found works well for me because I'm really lazy so if I sit I hate to get up and therefore I don't tend to move around much.  I don't get up to get other stuff, so I wasn't using my stash.  And I got cranky if I had to get up a billion times to tend to the boys if they were in there with me.  All those drawers are so super for storing everything I have and being able to see it all.  There is even one that is still empty, well, the IKEA catalogue and instruction books are in there for now, but empty of scrap stuff.

After This is what the desk looks like at it's worst.  It only looks like this after I finish a page and only for a few minutes because I clean up right away!!  With the other desk, that was unheard of!  I'd just pile everything off to one side... did I mention I was lazy?  Plus,  my storage system made it hard to get things away easily.   With the new desk, it only takes 3-4 mins tops!!  I usually leave everything open as I'm scrappin' so I can see stuff and grab supplies and tools.  If I have to stop before I finish a page, I put all the tools and stuff away and neatly pile up the goodies that I still may use.

Between If I finish a page, but sill want to scrap, I clear everything from the last page and just leave out the basics.  From front to back, my stack of photos, sketch pad, scrap paper, garbage basket, coffee and my basket of new goodies.  the paper drawer is open too (far cupboard by the window).  Anyone wanna come scrap?