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Family Update

Let's see, what's been going on with us these days...  seems like there's a lot going on and I just haven't been able to get on here and share... 

Anne-Charlotte and Laurent had baby #3 on Monday night.  A little girl, Bertille, which is pronounced bear-tee.  I guess everything is going well, but we haven't had any news since then.  Matthieu got an email with pictures, I didn't :( and he keeps forgetting to email them to me from work.  Maybe I'll just sneak into his acct so I can take a look at my new neice!!  We aren't going this weekend because...

I caught Anthony's cold.  Why is it that the kids just get a running nose and I get the hit-by-a-truck version.  It's not that bad, I have no voice and am a bit tired but other than the amount of kleenex I'm using, I'm ok.  I've been watching the 2nd season of Desparate Housewives and cross stitching.  I haven't scrapped all week but I'm hoping to get in there tonight!

Jacques has learned to whistle!!  It's so cute and he's so proud.  Matthieu whistles a lot and my grandfather whistled and all my mom's brothers as well.  So I love the sound.  I find it appropriate and comforting that he learned this last week.

Anthony has given up his soother, he was a bit forced but he's willing.   He recently switched to Philippe's silicone soothers that P abandoned at about 8 mo.  A drools less with them.  Problem was that they were pushing his teeth out!  These ones are so much harder than his rubber ones.   I put one in my mouth and I could feel it pushing on my teeth!  He's doing fine and really hasn't asked for it.  The only problem is that he finds it hard to fall asleep.  so I rock him or lie down with him.  Working so far, fingers crossed...

Philippe seems to know that he's one and is growing in leaps and bounds (first 3 scrap ac girls that leaves a comment about a bonus will get 5 points each).  He has some new words, some new habits, abilities and discoveries...  he's really a little boy now.  Still not walking but that's ok!  Cute story:  on the way home from school today, there was a teenage couple walking ahead of us.  they started making out as they walked so Phee decides to blow kisses at them!!  LOL    Here are a few photos of him digging into his birthday cake the day AFTER his birthday!  why do they all do this to me?  the pix aren't brilliant but hey, with little ones you gotta be fast to catch the moment!!

Eatcakedayafter1_1 Eatcakedayafter2 Eatcakedayafter4 Eatcakedayafter3

Challenge anyone??

Yah, I'm late... are you surprised?  It's been a busy weekend and I've been playing catch up every since!  Is it really Tuesday already?

This challenge is MY kind of challenge!!  I'll give you until Sunday, but, if you finish ALL the challenges by the end date (TBA) you WILL get a prize!!

Ready? OK...

Your LO must include the following...

something blue
at least 4 brads
handwriting (can be only one word and it doesn't have to be yours, it can even be a font)
a heart
at least 3 types of ribbon

feel free to combine these... for example, blue brads or hearts on the ribbon...
ETA:  you can add more than this to your LO, you just need to have AT LEAST this list.  More ribbon, more goodies, whatever... just as long as these things are on there.

Hard?  good!!  ;) 

Have fun ladies...

More photos of the birthday boy soon...

What a day!!

Philippe had a great day!  He was happy to have so many family members here to help celebrate.  Leading up to his birthday I was so excited that I finally had a big eater, one that would completely dig into his birthday cake... um, no.  He ate it daintily off of a spoon!

The day did kind of go sour 2 minutes before Franck and Claire were ready to leave.  Claire was just giving the baby her snack and Franck was running with Emilienne who was riding Jacques' bike.  She took a header in the dirt and ended up with 4 stitches!!  Poor sweetie... she was a good sport and came back with a band around her head which squished her eyebrows down and her ears out!!  Hopefully she won't have much of a scar.

Here are a few pix...

Oh and it's Anthony Brennan and Philippe Louis...  I'll catch up with the challenge points tomorrow and add your new challenge in the morning.

Pheepscake_1 Purplecake Brontocake

Cakeabove Candleskids Emilienne

Goo of Thunderbird

Just a quick fun post.  It's been nutzoid around here lately, a lot going on.  We are having a big party for Philippe on Sunday, where did this year go?  I can't believe that he won't be a baby anymore!!

Ok, so on Tuesday Thionville had a special guest visit.  He came with his wife and the boys and I were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them on our way home from school.  I pointed him out and said that he was an important man, etc etc.  Thursday, a lot of the flags and hoopla were still up and since there is no school on Wednesday here, it was the first time since Tuesday that the boys had been downtown.  When I asked the boys who had been here.   Jacques remembered that he was important and Anthony came up with Goo...  I wonder if the Grand Duke of Luxembourg would get a kick out of that...

for the Scrap Ac' gals

Cara Jean (yay Tracey!!)
Jacques Benjamin (yay Zuleika!!)

If you googled Cara Barkhouse you would have found those, that's what I was hinting at.

Anthony Brendan is the closest so far...
If you switch Philippe's first and middle names it's a famous French king

I'll let you keep guessing and I'll do up all the points after the party.  I'll give you your new challenge hopefully tomorrow, if my cakes work...

If not I'll be grumpy and stressed out, LOL!!

Do you want some hints?

Nope, you haven't got them yet... keep guessing!!

Mine is a girl's name in English and a boy's in French

Jacques starts with B and is the same in English and French

Anthony is named after my cousin Brent, and it doesn't exist in French

Philippe's is French and English... 

Tracey, I'll give you a point for Barkhouse... hint hint ;)

Bonus points

I know I have't been posting much lately...

Lots of stuff going on here.  Lots of sadness that I don't feel right blogging about.  I'll be back soon with happy stuff.

Bonus point for each of my family's middle names...  That's 4 points available, me, Jacques, Anthony and Philippe.  Matthieu doesn't have one.  Plus, 1 point for everyone that tries before I wake up tomorrow.  Good luck guessing.   :) 

Next challenge...

I edited this post below!!!

I just had a look at all the LOs, great job everyone!!!  Joy, Michelle, Kaylea and Wendy I couldn't leave you praise, but your LOs were fab!!

Chrissie, where 'near Thionville'?  Tu parle toujours le fran├žais?

Let's see... this year's costumes.  My sister just sent my patterns, they got here today Nicole!! The pattern selection here for costumes is not great, but I'm off to buy material this week.  I'm making 5, my goddaughter's M's goddaughter and our godson's plus Jacques and Anthony.
Mathilde-Sleeping Beauty (Nicole I didn't get this pattern...)
Dean-a dinosaur, I think
Jacques-Darth Vader
And Phil is going to wear the Eeyore costume that the other 2 wore.  I'm going to make that one a tradition!!

Ok, next challenge.  DO something to your photo.  Rip it, sand it, write on it, cut it up, or whatever you else you can think of, it just has to look different than when you took it.  Digi gals go crazy, the sky is the limit here, everyone.   Bonus points for each additional photo on the LO.  You don't have to do anything to these.  So, if you have 5 photos total, you get 4 extra points.  ETA:  No index prints allowed!!  Let's keep the photos to a reasonable size, 'k?  lol

Here are the standings, let me know if there's a mistake. Joy and Michelle, you both got one point for 2 manufactures.

Wendy  18
Amber R  16
Zuleika  14
Terri  12
Tracey  12
Myriam  12
Susanna T  12
Michelle   11
Joy  11
Kaylea  9
Sue  9
Nicola 6

You guys are fast!

Amber gets 3 and Zuleika, Wendy and Michelle I'll give you each 2...

This weeks bonus question.

For 3 extra points for the first person who post...

What's my 'other' hobby...  it usually only happens about once a year.   My galleries should have some answers.   There's actually a pretty specific answer.  If you find that, 5 points!!

Before I sign out for the day...

Thanks Wendy, I love that page!  You're the second person to mention that this morning (hi Terri!!)

Kaylea, use whatever is easiest for you.  I'm allergic to scrappin' digi so I wouldn't know, LOL!!!

ETA...  how about for DIGI...  3 designers?  (Thanks Amber)