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5 tickets for Canada!!!  Yay!  We will be in the 'Nish from Feb 3 to Mar 3, Matthieu will go back on the 17th.  He rented a 4x4 for the time he's there and spent more time researching and reserving that than the plane tickets themselves.  Snow here we come, please, please let there be snow!!

Lots to update...  We went to the zoo today and the boys were angels!!  We went out to eat first and they actually ate, they sat there like normal children (what does that mean anyway? normal?) and when the food came, they ate it.  The only problem being in a restaurant alone with three little ones was when Anthony had to go to the bathroom.  I persuaded him to hold it, phew!!

What else?

I got my hair cut.  I sucked it up and went back to zebra lady.  She really is the ONLY one here that has ever cut my hair right.  It's thick and curly and every other place, I would leave with triangle head!!  She makes faces when she cuts... and I've noticed the more faces she makes, the happier I am when I leave.  I can't remember her making faces when she gave me the highlights but she made a tonne the other day and I am so happy with my hair! 
I finished sewing for now, I'll do the girls' princess dresses a bit later.  We have our costume party early Dec so I have time.  Let's hope Dean's costume makes it to Halifax on time though, and Nicole will not have to make a mad dash to the store on Halloween day to weed through what's left trying to find something cute in his size!! 
I had a huge headache last night so I vegged out and watched TV.  It sucks because the end of the month is nearing and I'm only half way through my Flair stuff for the month.  I haven't scrapped in ages and for me it's not like riding a bike, LOL, the mojo takes some time to come back, so I scraplifted and it seems to be back enough to get my Flair stuff done :)

He's been so sweet lately, even more than usual.  He did the dishes last night, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher for me!  He even sorted the silverware as he put it in the dishwasher (yah, I know, I'm a bit anal, LOL).  He keeps talking about his car, hoping for a Trailblazer...

The boys are on their fall break now.  Jacques has been so sweet.  It's funny, he learned the word 'cheat' in English lately (he's always used the French one until now).  But, when he says it sometimes he gets the consonants mixed up and will say teach instead!  Today in the car, he sad that truck and airplane were the same word.  Hmmm, I was totally confused and told him they weren't.  He said that Jeanne-Marie said they were.  She is his speach therapist who helps with language and grammar and his accent etc.  He was there yesterday and they worked on rhyming words.  Avion (airplane) and camion (truck) do rhyme in French!  gotcha Bud, he usually does have some thing behind these weird statements!!

He's in great shape, and has been ever since his attack, but he is being a bit of a terror these days.  We're not sure what's up, but we're sure he's just testing us.  I think it has a lot to do with his sleep patterns.  I'm hoping once the time goes back, he'll be more settled and be able to sleep better.  Like I said though he was an angel today!

He is still not walking, he just shows no real interest in it.  He has taken up to 6 steps at a time, but really prefers crawling.  I had a little pep talk with him.  Amber thinks he has been waiting for Georgia to start walking, and I told him that she is now walking very well, but he doesn't seem to want to follow her footsteps for the moment.  I'm ok with that, I guess.  He's such a cautious guy, I guess he needs to build up his courage.
He also is finally saying my name, 'ma' to be exact.  He's such a tease though.  Sometimes when I ask him to say it he'll say daddy, sounds like duh-dee.  Little stinker.  He's more intereactive and loves to play peek-a-boo and blow kisses and wave at himself in the mirror.  He just won't do these things when I have the camera out!  Speaking of the camera, I tried to take our Christmas photo yesterday, by miracle the boys were wearing clothes that matched each other and the cards I want, but Pheeps was not cooperating.  sigh...  I still have 2 months right?

We are going away tomorrow until Wednesday.  Sunday is MIL's family all souls day dinner.  Only they are not having it on all souls day this year????  It would have been nice if they did because we have a birthday party Halloween night and really close by and both places are over 300km away from here.  We are going here inbetween and I couldn't be happier about it.  I LOVE this place and it's really starting to become a All souls day tradition.  When we told the boys were were going Jacques started rhyming off all the things we did last year, even that he found a teeny crab in with his shrimp!  Scrap ac' girls, I've got your prizes, I'm hoping to get them packed up and mailed to those not going to SAG once we get home next week.  I think I have everyone's addies, if not I'll hound you for them next week!!

And the winner is....


Yay!  Yippee! Wahoo!!!

Here are the standings:
Zulieka 39
Tracey 37
Joy 27
Terri 25
Myriam 24
Susanna T 23
Sue 22
Kaylea 18

Zuleika and Tracey will get runner up Flair stuff... girls, let me know your favourite line, please.

The following list are the girls who participated but didn't get all the challenges finished.  You will all get a mini prize pack.

Amber 55
Michelle 21
Nicola 12
Sharon 6
Kerry 1

If you aren't going to be at SAG, please email me your addy so I can send you your prize.  I think we should set up a time to all meet at SAG, maybe.  What do you think?  Otherwise I'll be running around trying to track you all down.  I think they'll do the Sat night prize drawing thing again, so maybe right before that???

Let's see the answers for the bonus questions...
My cousin Krista took me to a CM party, I knew that I was in love with this stuff even before I went!!  She now sells the stuff and I get all my tools and stuff from her.  HI KRISTA!!!!

The Flair site is  and the design team list is there.
Horsin' around is the newest line
Amy Gatewood, the FAB gal who designs all the Flair stuff speaks French.  When she called me to ask me to be on the team we spoke in French a bit, she has hardly any accent!!

I think that's all, but, I have a nagging feeling I'm forgetting something, LOL. 

Thanks for playing everyone!!  I had a lot of fun.  I just wish that I had had more time to play along with you!!  Maybe next time ;)


I'll announce tomorrow... 

heehee ;)

Time's Up!!

Ok, here are the standings...  these don't include the last bonus because no one has figured it out yet...

Wendy 46

Zuleika 39

Amber 35

Tracey 33
Joy 24Susanna 23

Terri 24

Myriam 22

Sue 21

Kaylea 18

Nicola 12

Sharon 6

Kerry 1

Actually, my hair has nothing to do with how I got started...  don't know why I mentioned that, I guess that I had too much wine with dinner last night.  I started about 7 years ago and my cousin Krista had a lot to do with it.  Hmmmm, I'm trying to think of a hint that won't give it away...

Do you want another bonus? 

Name three other Flair DT members.
What's Flair's  newest line?

Who else from Flair speaks French?

First one with the answers gets 10 points.  2 points each for everyone who tries today!

Scrap Ac Standings so far...

Y'all still have until midnight to get your last page in!!  I spend all morning yesterday going through all your fab stuff! You guys rocked these challenges!  I couldn't leave praise on a lot of them, but know that you all did a fab job!!  I'm not going to give you the standings just yet.  Just know that with the bonus points coming, anyone can win!

Here are my answers for the little quiz, I'm going from memory so they'll probably be out of order...

CK these days, but it changes
don't make me chose between J and T, it's like chosing between myown Jacques and Tony
one pagers
fast, if only I have the time to scrap.

Thanks Zuleika for pointing out my mistake, Nicola gets 5 and Amber got 2 sorry A.  Sue also got 2, she emailed me her answers.

Ready for another bonus?
Anyone willing to  pay for me to take that fab HS class at big picture scrapbooking for 50 points?  No? come on...  aw well I tried!!

how about 10 points for:
how I got introduced to scrapbooking.  It was about 2 years after that photo of me with the bad hair, LOL.  2 points for everyone who guesses.  bonus points for humour!!

There will be one more bonus question...  coming soon.

Quick bonus post

Okay ladies

1. I met Ali in NL - Zuleika 5pts
2. I'm going to SAG in NL - Amber 5pts
3. MD is SOY -  Terri 5pts

Wendy, Nicola and Myriam you guys get 2pts each for trying

I didn't realise so many of you are going to SAG... maybe I'll bring your prizes along and give them to you there. I'll save on postage and make sure that we get to meet up!!

Ready for more points?
First two gals to put their answers in the comments get 5 pts.  Everyone who answers by Friday morning gets 1 each.  No right or wrong answers, I'm just curious

1.  Ali or Cathy
2. Clean and simple or more complex
3. flat or lumpy
4. scrap sitting or standing
5. digi or paper
6. CK or BHG (or whatever you like best)
7. Jack Bauer or Tony Almeida (ok, so we just finished 24, had to put that in there too!)
8. slow scrapper or quick
9. single or double page
10. 12x12 or 8.5x11

Sick, it's the new Healthy

I finally got that bag of meds from the pharmacie.  Anthony had his follow up appt with his peds on Friday.  She was able to tell me a little more of the story from her point of view.  She brought him to see the other ped. in the practice.  He had said hi to us in the hall earlier and he hadn't even recognised him, so that tells you how bad a shape he must have been in that night!

He's got a new aerosol that he'll have to take 2ce a day all winter along with the one he's on now, plus one other med.  She also prescribed a 'just in case' thing to give him if it happens again.  From the very first sign of a cough, wheeze or trouble breathing we're to call her.   But, he's fine, actually a lot better than fine, he's in great shape!

I also took Philippe in because he's been coughing quite a bit.  He had pink eye while A was in the hospital and that gave way to a nice ear infection!  Plus, the coughing turns out to be bronchitis.  So add to that pharmacie bag: expectorant, antibiotic and a prescription for massages from a physiotherapist.  He also has a bad case of exzema so two cream and a soap go in the bag as well!!  I later realised that I just started putting long sleeve onsies on him.  Onsies that were leant to my nephew and were washed in a different laundry soap.  I'm so hoping it's just that soap.  I washed everything again in the new soap so we'll see.

Matthieu and Jacques are not sick at all and somehow managed to skip all this.  Me, well, I seem to be walking around with a catcher's mitt up my nose as I catch every single germ that comes within a 10km radius!!  I caught a cold in the hospital, just as the freakin' bronchitis was clearing up!!  It's not a bad one, just annoying and won't go away!!

On a lighter note, guess who is...  lighter that is...  ME!!  have I mentioned before how much breastfeeding rocks??  After P was born, I was down to a reasonable weight (prepreg plus 3 or 4kg) fairly quickly and now that he's weaned, it's fallin' off baby!!!  I just have one little kg left!!  (Well, maybe not little, I bought a kg of carrots this morning, that's heavy!!)  But, I'm really starting to look like me!!  I am helping out a little by not eating between meals but I think if Anthnoy hadn't been sick it would have come off quicker.  I hit the chocolate pretty hard. But, 2 kg in 2 weeks is pretty good!!!

Matthieu and I have been watching season 4 or 24 on DVD.  We started Friday evening and watched 16 eps over the weekend during naps and in the evenings.  That's 12 hours of TV in about 50 hours people!!  We watched another 4 last night, eep!! Just four to go.  We've been calling our Jacques ,Jack Bauer and Anthony, Tony Almeida.  Yeah, we're obsessed.

Scrap Ac' bonus points.  I'll try to get a few questions up this week...  for today: 5 pts for each of the following but a maximum of 5 points per scrapper.   Feel free to try all three, you're bound to get at least one correct.   I hope I haven't confused anyone...  3 gals, 5 pts each...

1.  What famous scrapper have I met in person? Where?
2.  Where am I going in about 3 weeks? It's scrap related...
3.  Name the scrapbooker of the Year.

Last thing...
Please go to this BREAST CANCER site and click to help provide free mammograms!! Spread the word!!

What a week...

It was a week ago, today that I sent Anthony to the pediatrician with Matthieu expecting them home about this time (8:30pm) with a big bag of prescriptions... instead, the poor thing got a shot of adrenaline,  a ride in an ambulance and hooked up to oxygen and a million wires.  Today, he's completely back to his old self...  me, not so much, LOL!!!  It's so true that kids bounce back so much faster than their parents.  I'm just now letting him run ahead of me on the sidewalk and sleep in his own bed...  I'm just so scared to let him get back to his regularly scheduled life...  He has his follow up at the peds tomorrow and he's going to bring her flowers.  She really is a great doctor and we're lucky to have her.  She's so great with the kids with regular check-ups, when they go in sick and now we know she's fabulous in a crisis.  Kiss your kids...

Scrap ac' challenge...
If any of you are having trouble coming up with an idea of what to do with your journaling, just read Amber's comment here (first one)!!!  LOL!  Amber, as long as you do something that you don't normally do, all is good :)

Kaylea, that sounds like quite the story, heartbreaking.  Feel free to write about whatever you'd like.

Michelle, sorry to see you go.  I hope you'll stick around and hop in and chat when life eases up.

The Magic of Disney

We went grocery shopping today, not a fun job with the 3 boys in tow but it had to be done...  Actually, if you don't count Jacques pushing the cart off to the side every time he hopped on and off the side of it, it went rather well.  I even scored a buy 2 get one free on diapers and huge box of wipes.  AND right inside the door was a huge display of The Little Mermaid!!!!  This is my all time favourite Disney movie ever!!!  I think I was about 16 when it came out and I dragged my little cousin to the theatre so that I could see it, LOL!!  I remember a trip to Maine and the soundtrack (a white tape) playing over and over!!  I cannot get sick of the music!!  We watched it this afternoon and I was amazed at how much of it I still have memorised!!  'The watch -the witch was watching a mirror, and she was singing with a stolen set of pipes.  Do you hear what I'm tellin' ya?'  LOL  Love that movie.  I know a lot of you are saying, what about Pocahontas, Cara???  Yeah, she's my second fav...

In another Disney related story.  I'm really trying to get Philippe to walk!!  He's been stuck at pulling up/standing alone/walking along furniture for over a month now.  I stood him up with his back against the wall and gave him his Dumbo magic feather, which is actually a wooden spoon or mini broom or some other stick.  I held chocolate 2 cm from his nose, but he would not do it!!  I did get a half a step out of him but then he just got cross and started to cry, that mad cry that totally means 'give me that chocolate you mean woman!'  He'll get it, I know, it's just that he's been so close for so long now...

Last Challenge Ladies...

Ok, here it is...

This one is all about journaling.  There are 2 parts.

1.  The journaling itself must be meaningful and deep.  So the topic should be full of heart and emotions and will probably be a bit heavier than a trip to the park, unless something really meaningful happened there, LOL!!  You don't need to write pages and pages, 3 lines will do if you can get what's in your heart into 3 lines.  You don't have to share the journaling if  you don't feel like it, we'll go with the honour system here...

2.  I'd like to see your journaling written in a unique way.  Something other than the simple journaling block.  It can be as simple as handwritten if you usually do it on the computer or as complex and interesting as you'd like to make it.  If it's hidden, try something different than a tag stuck in a pocket or a photo that flips up.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.
-a childhood memory
-a wonderful day and why it was a favourite
-someone who is precious to you
-someone you've lost or has passed and what you would like to tell them

Clear as mud?  You have until Friday the 20th...