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SAG at long last...

I didn't want to post this earlier, because it just didn't feel right writing about something happy and fun, but I'm dying to share so here goes.

Amber has a fabulous play by play of our weekend on her blog.  I don't think that she left any thing out!  So if you're interested head on over there. 

Ag Amber and Sven arrived Thurs night and it was fun to just hang out and chat and show someone my scraproom!!  I hadn't even shown Helen at that point because I was waiting for it to be finished.  Heaven knows when that will be, so I showed H last week.  Ok, anyway... we left Friday after lunch and a trip to Carrefour (so Sven could get some French goodies).  We both had forgetten to take pix of the kids together, what kind of scrappers are we?  Seriously!  We arrived with lots of time for registering and snooping around and supper before our first class, but G had a stinky and guess what!  No diapers.  So while Sven headed to a Dutch store to get some Amber and I had a yummy supper and then headed to our class, it was with Mellie and I was sooo excited to meet her.  We met Suzanne, a hilarious, fun gal outside the door...  we were the only 3 waiting outside the wrong door! 

Mellieteaches_1Mellie_1 The album class was great, a lot of 'homework' and a lot more work to do on it still, but I am so in love with my album and it truly is a treasure and I can't wait until it's finished.  Mellie was absolutely fabulous, exactly how I pictured her, exactly as I've known her for 4 years, sweet, generous, kind and lovely!  Meeting her in person was such a treat.  The internet is an amazing thing, but it doesn't allow for hugs and laughing together and just being together.  I also got to meet teacher Melodee, heehee.  She's serious and professional in the classroom, but still lots of fun.  The classes (4 in all) were fab and flew by.  She made us laugh and cry and I was in awe of her talent.  So glad to have her friendship. 

There was a crop that night with lots of work on the album and then the next morning after breakfast at 8:22 ;)  We had a class with Lida DeWitt.  This lady is incredibly talented and I will not go to SAG again without taking ALL the classes she's teaching.  Amber and I took both.  The first one was a double and we made a fab little album inside a decorated cigar box!  Of course it's not done, but I want to use it as a Christmas album, so maybe January?  sure.

Nicchezmelodee I had forgotten my lunch ticket and was literally running back to my room to get it when I ran into (not literally) Nicola.  She was there with her Essex gang, who are a lot of fun!  It was so good to see her, a quick hug, though, because I still had to get that lunch ticket.  After lunch was Melodee's second and third class so Nicola came with me to meet her.  She had only arrived that morning so hadn't seen her yet.  Nic is so fun.  Spunky and funny and just great to be around.  I was so glad that we got to meet up again!!

NicandmelliechezmellieCharlie_2 After supper Melodee, Nicola and I hung out and looked at each other's pages.  Wow, I love looking at their stuff online, but it is just not the same as looking at and touching the pages.  Amber had brought some stuff to show me, too.  WOW!! These gals are all so talented!! I've been so inspired, and I've been scrapping/crafting up a storm since, but nothing I can share, sorry!!

Makentakes Amber and I did some make and takes and then Amber decided last minute to take the HS class with me, sorry Amber!  We got some fun goodies... and the album looks cool, but seriously have no idea what the class was about...

That night there was a second crop, well sort of.  There was also games and such, but we ended up in the corner behind the stage and had our album to work on.  We could only use the stamps that weekend.  There were 6 sets at 20€ each so we really wanted to get as many stamps in there as possible.  So they turn out the lights for the games and we keep on scrappin...  sleep deprived me has two sips of wine, starts seeing double and I kept on scrappin... :)  We stayed until midnight and I seriously got some stuff done!!  I also had a laugh at Nicola and her friends playing the games, what a hoot!

The next morning was Lida again.  It was a fabulous Advent doll.  She holds cubes with numbers so you can count down til Christmas.  Lida

Clipboard I also had another class without Amber, it was a bunch of things, a gift basket with soaps and stuff and a clipboard.  I'm going to give the basket with candy and cookies instead of soap to the housekeeper for Christmas, I'm keeping the clipboard!!

Ammcalendarfeb See, now Amber and I are smart, we saw a project from a class we weren't signed up for.  Two Irish gals were working on theirs and it was really cool!!  It was a calendar and after the year is over you cut out the pages and it's a little 6x6 album...  So even though the next class for it was scheduled for after we were leaving on Sunday, we signed up and then went and snagged the kits and did them ourselves.  It was a super easy project because all the pieces were already cut out.  I did mine on the train on one of those itsy bitsy tables and Amber did hers in front of the TV. 

Geegasoup_2G_2 Sven was great the whole weekend.  He left to get G's diapers in a strange foreign grocery store on Friday night so that we could stay and look around and register and such.  Any time we were together and Georgia started to fuss or get bored, up he'd get and take her for a walk or to play somewhere.  He kept her all weekend so Amber could play and when they were leaving to go home it was pouring down rain, so he went and got the car, brought it around front and came it to get them with an umbrella!  Isn't he sweet?

Amber took some photos of Melodee, Nicola and me together.  I nicked the bench photo from Nic's blog.  It's of Nic and me from 2 years ago, where Mellie PS herself in!!  I laugh everytime I look at it ... I snagged the other one from Mellies blog.  Nic and Mellie, you have some great shots on your blogs so I'll have to get those from you guys!!!!!  Thanks so much Amber for capturing these for us.Bench_nic_cara_mel Mellie_cara_nicola_hug

ok, happy stuff...

I've been busy.  I've been working on a special project and I finished that today.  I've been doing Flair stuff, too.  I've been scrapping but it's nothing I can share.  Except for this.  Babylove Love you Grammie.

Do you Believe in Heartbreak?

I always loved stories that I'd hear about older couples dying within just a short time of each other.  I always found it endearing that after so many decades together once a person lost their love, their soulmate, they found the world just too big, too empty, too lonely to go it alone. 

The doctors can call it heart failure, but I believe that if your heart is broken it cannot function properly.   I believe in heartbreak.

Reality bites

After my dream weekend, it's back to reality and not only does that include housework and deadlines, but it includes things that can easily happen with 3 boys in the house.  Let's see we have:

a thumbsucker again... who bites. 
Jacques has 3 stitches (not from that particular biter, but it's technically from a bite).  he's fine mom.
a wild 3 year old because of his puffer.
a broken ù*#!* stroller.
a cranky teething toddler.

Weekend Supreme

Amber_and_me_2 This photo sums up this past weekend for me.  I snagged it from Amber.  In it I can see our relationship so clearly.  It was so nice to spend time with her.  We are so much alike that we just 'know' each other.  It was just so natural and easy to be together.

when Sven took it I thought it would be terrible, that I'd be all gums and horse teeth since we were laughing so hard.  I physically could not close my mouth.  When I saw it, I got teary eyed.  It really shows what our friendship feels like to me.  Sure, I look a bit horsey, but who cares!

Some gals go to these events for the free goodies, the cool classes or prizes, sure those things are great, but, the best by far...  the friendship.  I went for the friends.  I spent the weekend with Amber, I got to hang with Nicola again and I got to meet Mellie in person for the first time after 4 years of friendship.  I even met some great new friends.  Great conversation, crazy laughs and some good cries ( yah, thanks for that Mellie :P  LOL)  It was an emotional weekend for me, probably due to lack of sleep, but I like to think it's because of the emotional impact scrapbooking has (thanks for sharing your stories too Melodee!!)

I'm so thankful to have Amber and all you fabulous ladies that I'm lucky enough to call friends.  Friends here (well, Kemplish ;), at home in Canada and all over the world.  Thanks to Sven to for capturing that precious moment and our friendship.


Wow, where did this week go?  Oh, I know!  I spent the majority of it prepping photos for SAG!!  LOL!  Seriously, I've spent over 8 hours searching for photos, converting them to black and white and cropping, resizing whatever.  I'm all done, and they are ready for printing.  Amber, Sven and Georgia arrive tomorrow afternoon to pick me up!  Aren't they sweet!  Saves me the boring train ride with 3 changes...  Plus, Amber and I get to hang out a whole extra day and we can get the kids together again.  Jacques is so excited to see baby Georgia again and I can't get it through to him that she's no long a baby!!  Anthony is excited to  meet her as he wasn't at SAG in May.  he even recognised the photo she sent me of herself for one of the classes as G's mommy. :)  and I'm hoping that Georgia will be the push Pheeps needs to get walking!!

Friday evening I have a class with Mellie and I'm soooo excited to meet her.  We have been friend for 4 years and this will be the first time we will meet in person!  It's amazing how lucky I am to live so far but I am still able to meet up with internet friends.   I met up with some friend from Babycentre (hi Lisa and Jennifer) plus, I met up with Nicola about 2 years ago, and that was soooooo much fun.  We have also been friends for about 4 years.  And I'm looking forward to seeing her again.   Gotta find that bench gals!!

Scrap 'Ac gals.  I'm pretty sure that I will be going to the crop on Sat night.  I'm going to hang out outside where ever it is supposed to be for about 10 minutes beforehand.  So if you aren't going to the crop come by and find me before, if you are, I'll see you at the crop.  Or if you see me around during the weekend come up and introduce yourself because I don't know what most of you look like!!  I'll probably be attatched at the hip with Amber and if you see her and not me, she's sure to know where I am, Lol!!

Ok, gotta run, finish packing and tidy up around here!!

take care


Typepad was being annoying yesterday and wouldn't let me upload the photos...  I added them to the last post...

We're home...

and we had a great time but it's always nice to be back home, especially since we have a shower that actually hooks onto the wall!!

We left late Saturday afternoon so that it would be easier the next morning to arrive for a 10am mass at a church that's 4 hours from home!!  We usually meet up with all of MIL's family on the 1st of Nov for mass, a visit to the cemetary and then lunch together.  Since it was on the 29th this year, the mass was a bit more cheerful, but there actually were less people.  It was nice to see everyone and the boys had fun with all the cousins.  Jacques was a great hit with the bigger boys since he plays soccer super well for his age and Anthony and Louise (see her fake smile below, lol) had fun getting themselves into trouble!

We left for Oostende afterwards and stayed by the ocean.  We could see it from our room.  Not when we got there as it was dark, but first thing the next morning Jacques was kneeling up on his bed and staring out the window at the water!  We went and played in the sand, went for a long walk down by the water and then went to the market for shrimp, crab and some bread for lunch.  Waffles for dessert, after all it was Belgium!!  Then the boys went on their beloved pedal cars that they remembered from the year before.  Actually, as we walked by the café where we had eaten our shrimp last year Jacques pointed it out!  That boy's memory is amazing!  We got a big car  for all of us and spent an hour dodging people and having a blast.  After the car ride, we went back to the hotel for naps.  Philippe fell right asleep and Jacques was resting well, but Anthony was a regular jumping bean so Mattheu took him out for a walk so the others could sleep.  He ended up falling asleep while walking!!  Meanwhile, Jacques and I watched TV in English!  That's what I love about the Dutch part of Belgium, they don't bother to dub over the voices, they just use subtitles.  Holland was the same.  Hmm...  maybe I'll just stay in my room all next weekend and watch English TV, LOL!!  Anyway, while Jacques and I were flipping through the channels we came across Oprah, and not just any Oprah, but James Blunt on Oprah!!!!  What a nice treat!!  I'm sure it was fairly old because it was when 'You're Beautiful' first came out.  I'm not sure when that was in the states but it's been almost 18 months here I'm sure...  anyway, it was fab!!

I gotta run, so I'll write up the rest later.  For now, here are some photos of the first two days... the last one is Phee taking some steps that night in the hotel!Louisefakesmile_1

Emilienne_5 Beach_1 Jatwater 

Jandasand_1 Psand_1 Pedalcars Pheewalks