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It's been busy around here but a lot of fun...  I finally got my new glasses today (see very-bad-shot-in-the-bathroom-mirror pic below), I also got my hair cut.  She took a lot off but it got rid a lot of the really blond bits so I'm happy.  She's great at cutting but if you remember, not at colouring...  and she can't style curly hair either :)  I came out looking like one of the twins from Degrassi Junior High.  I guess it's better than Spike.  Usually though, it's Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...  not as bad as today, just a bit big and dated.   I got it tamed down about 30 seconds after getting in the house :)

We got our tree up on Sunday and tomorrow is the last day of school, the boys are sooo happy and excited.  On the way to bed, Jacques just started jumping up and down and squealing, 'I'm so happy!'  Just like his Momma, that one...Treedecorating Specs_1


Over the summer Philippe broke the arm off of my glasses, no big deal since I wear my contacts 99.9% of the time.  I need new ones anyway and I eventually, in September probably,  made an appt to see the eye-guy.  It's for next Tuesday...  long wait to get into see him.  About a month ago, I changed contacts thinking they would get me through to my appt, considering that I only had one left, for the left eye.  Then, about 2 weeks ago, my right eye started bothering me and was really hurting.  I put the last left contact in my right eye and all was good... though I avoided driving the car :)  Monday, my eye started bothering me again... so I guess it's the eye and not the contacts???   I had no spare contact and there's no point buying a new one as it wouldn't arrive before my appt anyway... so what's a girl to do?  Wear her glasses with one arm...

They are driving me batty!  Forever tilting so that I'm shoving them down on my nose constantly so they'll stay put, the end of the arm is digging into my head because they don't sit right, my eyes ache because I have an astigmatism and I need the lenses to be straight.  Tuesday cannot come soon enough... even then I'll ahve to wait until the glasses or contacts arrive... here's hoping before Christmas.

I LOVE contacts, these things get dirty soooo fast!


That's how Jacques used to pronouce St.  Nicholas and so we still call it that at times.  We've had a tradition here for a few years to combine halloween and St. Nicholas since  most everyone is home for the parade and such and since All Soul's is so important here and we go to the north for that, halloween gets complicated.  Only Etienne and Violaine were missing due to the busy life of a doctor and med student.  The parades and celebrations are mostly only done in Lorraine, so cousins and and uncles and aunts came from all over, Compiegne, Spain and Switzerland to celebrate.

We met for lunch on Saturday at one of our favourite restaurants in Luxembourg, then we all came here and left for the parade in Yutz.  Anne-Charlotte and I waited for the oven to finish  and met them there and missed everything but the St. Nicholas float.  The kids had soooo much fun and everyone had pockets busting with candy!!  The Yutz parade is sooo great, the marching bands were great fun and St. Nick has such a fab costume and even the dudes walking along side of the float had amazing costumes right down to matching socks.  Oh, and guess who forgot her camera!!!  That's ok, Julien was taking some with MILs.  At the end St. Nick leads everyone to fireworks, but Matthieu and I headed home to get ready for dinner.  A truly French dinner, including Quiche Lorraine in honour of old St. Nick, patron saint of Lorraine.   Then a veal stew and then cheeses, both totally french... and gingerbread for dessert, again for St. Nicholas, I even put a Lorraine cross on it.  It was a big joke that I made a French meal for Henar, who had come here for the first time.  A French/Lorraine meal cooked by a Canadian for a Spanish girl :)

The kids came here to get dressed.  Let's see, I'll list everyone and put all the photos at the end.   All the kids costumes were made by me except Baptiste, Lucille and Bertille, though not all this year!!

Mathilde-Sleeping Beauty
Baptiste-fire fighter
Jacques-Darth Vader (he didn't keep his mask on long, but I will get a good photo of him later)
Anthony-Batman (photo taken Thursday)
Emilienne-Fairy Princess (see her scar?)
Pierre-Jack-o-lantern (he's missing his fun hat)
Philippe-Eeyore (photo taken Thursday)

Sorry about the flash photos , but what can you do at night?  I'll be back later with the adults, naptime is over!!Mathildesleepingbeauty Baptistefireman Anthonybatman

Louisecinderella Emiliennefairyprincesse Pierrejackolantern Phillippeeeyore Lucillebee Bertillereindeer