It's been busy around here but a lot of fun...  I finally got my new glasses today (see very-bad-shot-in-the-bathroom-mirror pic below), I also got my hair cut.  She took a lot off but it got rid a lot of the really blond bits so I'm happy.  She's great at cutting but if you remember, not at colouring...  and she can't style curly hair either :)  I came out looking like one of the twins from Degrassi Junior High.  I guess it's better than Spike.  Usually though, it's Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...  not as bad as today, just a bit big and dated.   I got it tamed down about 30 seconds after getting in the house :)

We got our tree up on Sunday and tomorrow is the last day of school, the boys are sooo happy and excited.  On the way to bed, Jacques just started jumping up and down and squealing, 'I'm so happy!'  Just like his Momma, that one...Treedecorating Specs_1