Over the summer Philippe broke the arm off of my glasses, no big deal since I wear my contacts 99.9% of the time.  I need new ones anyway and I eventually, in September probably,  made an appt to see the eye-guy.  It's for next Tuesday...  long wait to get into see him.  About a month ago, I changed contacts thinking they would get me through to my appt, considering that I only had one left, for the left eye.  Then, about 2 weeks ago, my right eye started bothering me and was really hurting.  I put the last left contact in my right eye and all was good... though I avoided driving the car :)  Monday, my eye started bothering me again... so I guess it's the eye and not the contacts???   I had no spare contact and there's no point buying a new one as it wouldn't arrive before my appt anyway... so what's a girl to do?  Wear her glasses with one arm...

They are driving me batty!  Forever tilting so that I'm shoving them down on my nose constantly so they'll stay put, the end of the arm is digging into my head because they don't sit right, my eyes ache because I have an astigmatism and I need the lenses to be straight.  Tuesday cannot come soon enough... even then I'll ahve to wait until the glasses or contacts arrive... here's hoping before Christmas.

I LOVE contacts, these things get dirty soooo fast!