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Snow fun!

A truck came into Matthieu's warehouse for a delivery.  These palettes were covered in snow, so Papy and Daddy made a nice little pile for the boys to play in.  Every time we go to the car, the poor van gets bombarded with snowballs.  Philippe and I made this baby snowman.  I just happened to have a bib and I broke off the end of a baguette for the nose.  The boys are so excited over this teeny mound.  I can't wait to see their reaction to Nova Scotia!!Babysnowman

Heading home...

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while.  Matthieu was gone snowboarding last week so I was pretty busy with the boys and I've been busy packing.  Yes, packing!!!  We are headed to Canada this weekend.  We'll be gone a month, but Matthieu will becoming back after 2 weeks.  I can announce this to the world because Magaly will be bird/house/plant sitting.  She's pretty small, but she can take ya, so robbers, don't even try to come here :)  She's a new mom so she's fiesty, not to mention hormonal.  Oh and did I mention her big burly hubby...

There is so much I want to share, but not enough time.  Philippe is so hilarious these days.  He's getting better at communicating and at motor skills.  This morning he was able to tap his index finger tips together and he kept saying to me 're-gah, re-gah'  which means look.  He loves to sleep and when he's tired he'll go get his bankie and come get me to put him in his crib.  When I ask if he wants to go to bed, he'll say his version of yes, which is more like an affirmative grunt.

The other two are just wired, hmmmm, they didn't get that from me, huh?  EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  I'm so excited to go to Canada!!  Matthieu is going skidooing with Patrick and he's rented a huge SUV so he's wire too! 

Let's see, first things to do... grab a Tim's at the airport and laugh with Todd (who's meeting us there with the carseats), then race to Antigonish in that SUV to give my mom a big HUG!!  It's been months since I needed to do that.  Then one for everyone else too :)  Then I'm going to go meet my new cousin, Katie!!

Popcorn and Ice Cream

Last week was a crazy week.  Matthieu and I were both sick but of course he was worse off than I was so I had to do everything around here.  No biggy, but after a few days of it all, I was was getting pretty weary.  A promised night out all by myself would totally cure all!  A movie! I mean it could have been the worst movie ever made and it all would have been worth it but I was going to see The Holiday and I heard it was fabulous. 

It started out not great...  Matthieu was late, big surprise...  so with a 25 minute drive to the Luxembourg Utopolis, time to find a parking spot, get my ticket, supper (that popcorn and ice cream ;) and get to the 'salle' I was going to miss the beginning!   I was panicking, remember I was tired and fed up and stressed and I actually started to cry in the car.  I found a spot, someone was leaving on the other side of the street, but by the time I turned my boat of a car around someone else was taking it!!  Then, I was stuck going in a direction towards a one way street that led me far away from the theatre before I could come back.  ARGH!!  A few red lights and a few tears later I found another spot, rocked my parallel despite the boat and RAN to the theatre.  By some miracle the movie was set to start at 7:15 instead of 7 like it said online.  Wow, things were turning around.  Got my ticket and my goodies and make it in time to see the last preview.

The movie was fabulous, so wonderful.  I'm not going to say much because you have to discover it and it's magic all for yourself.  At first, I was going for Kate Winslet, and her accent. I was thinking Jude Law?  Ick!!  Cameron Diaz?  Ick Ick Ick!!!!  She bugs me and did in this movie too, but she grew on me...  and Jude Law? Alfie?  Never really saw what people saw in him, but in this movie he is so amazingly hot!  It's his character...  so hot!  Anyway, if it's still playing when we are in NS, I'm grabbing my sis and going again...   

LOM, cancelled flights and les mouettes

I'm taking Stacy Julien's Library of Memories class at and it is awesome!!!  It's 16 weeks to change the way we organise, categorise and scrapbook our photos and memories.  She started us out strong... we have 2 weeks to put all of our photos in chronological order and into photo albums!!  Phew, that's a lot of photos and a lot of work.  My albums will be waiting for me in Canada, but I did have a few laying around, but they are big and cumbersome but they will do for now, but I have run out.  So the rest, once sorted will stay in photo boxes.  I have all of 2003-2005 sorted into seasons.  I need to print about 250 photos from 2006, sort 2002 and 96-99.  2000-01 is done, it was when I was scrapping CM and I was 'caught up'.  LOM is the total opposite of CM's way of scrapping so it's a big leap, a big change, but I'm completely ready to do it. 

I've been so dedicated to sorting and getting it done on time, the other night I actually forgot to take my shower!!!  Don't worry I snuck one in the next morning :)  Sat night I had the opportunity to go to the movie all by myself and have popcorn and ice cream for supper and just have ME time for an evening.  I didn't go.  We had been out most of the day and I didn't do any sorting, so I stayed home and got all of 2004 done!!  Gotta get this done by Wednesday night!!  New class is posted on Thursday.

Cancelled flights
So, Matthieu gets an email with no note, just his flight times and dates listed.  H happened to notice they put the wrong date...  he didn't get an email for our tickets...  After lots of phone calls and a looooot of waiting and listening to 'your call is important to us' and 'an agent will be with you shortly' we found out that our flight was cancelled and they put us on different flights.  That's right flights, with and 's'.  Matthieu is coming back feb 17 so he booked his apart from ours, so they put us on different flights, not knowing we are travelling together.  Matthieu got changed to toe same flight but the next day and us on the same day but rerouted through Montreal.   So, listen to this... me alone with 3 little kids... I was supposed to have 2 stop overs, one 8 hours long and one of them actually past our destination only to fly back and add 6 hours of flight time.  Um, I don't think so!!  Now, after more calls and more waiting we are all on a flight together, the day before.  So, Mom, get things ready for the 4th!!  We are coming that day after all!

les mouettes
You've seen Nemo right?  The seagulls?  Mine. Mine. Mine.  Well, that's Philippe.  Except he says Em. Em. Em.  Over and over and over... it's enough to drive you bonkers, especially if you can't figure out what he wants.  It usually has to do with food.  So we call him mouette which is French for seagull.  It's only a slight improvement over his previous uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh...  that he used to say to get what he wants.  He's back to not speaking much...  but man is he eating.  The boy would eat until his stomach burst I'm sure...  unless it's vegetables, they don't go near his mouth... so like his parents. 

I guess you'd like to see some of those pictures that I've been sorting.  No time to scan the oldies...  gotta get back to sorting,2006b 2006b_1 2006blbut I'll share some from 2006.2006blog_22006blo_2    


It's back to school today, these past two weeks seems so long.  It was great.  The boys were so excited this morning.  Excited to see their teachers and classmates, excited for change, excited to get back into their routines.  They both decided on their own to stay away from so-called friends that I've seen as a bad influence.  The time away from them must have shown that true friends don't push or kick or do things to get you in trouble.  Smart kids I've got there.

Jacques has had a loose tooth for over a months, but all it did was wiggle the slightest bit back and forth.  Today, he woke up with it wiggling all over.  I'm sure it'll fall out by the time we go to Canada at the begining of Febuary.  I was just as excited as he was, the two of us were jumping up and down.

Anthony has really calmed down a lot, lots of change in him.  He's nicer and more apt to explain his problem instead of jumping right to aggression.  Phew!!

Philippe's vocabulary is exploding!  He went on a little strike there for the past month or so, going back to just 2-3 words.  I think he was concentrating on walking and pushing those freakin' huge molars through his poor gums.  Now, that all that is settled, it's back to talking.  He's forever pointing and stuff, interesting and not so interesting, and saying 're-gah'  Regard is French for look.  He has a phone that will say 'I love you, smack'  (well, however you type a kissy sound).  So, he loves to repeat that.  It sounds more like ' a ya yuh, mmmmmah' but whatever, it's a million times sweeter!!  Last night her learned Canada...  ca guh ga...

Saturday we celebrated MIL's birthday and I made this, sorry for the terrible photo.  It's been gloomy and dark here!  I miss the sun!  The thing is 70X70cm, it's for her new house which has a lot of empty walls at the moment.  Funny, everyone was saying how nice it was and all that I could see was what was wrong with it :P  Frame


So it's a new year, lots of hope and fresh starts and all that.  Not to mention a sweet new little boy that I finally got to take photos of.  Welcome Clément!!  It's been so gloomy and dark here lately, but there was just enough sun to get some shots.  Here's one, but my camera battery died, so it's loading now, so I'll show more later...  I'll also include a little book  I made for my resolutions.  There are 24 in the list (4 groups of 6), but some of them are to-dos and goals and whatnot, so not really resolution-y.  I made it with a kit from Coordinates Collections and the tin came from a Sweetwater kit I got a while back. 

Clment Resolutionbookcover Resolutionbookinsides Resolutionbookpages


Busy, fun holidays.

Fun to see all of the cousins, especially the new one!!  Welcome Clément!!  Photos soon...

Santa brought lots of presents, the boys had a blast.

Here's a run down in photos...