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le mecredi, je fait de la gymnastique...

Ok, that's a song BTW...

I cannot get over how much the boys have learned since September, truly amazing.  They are agile, strong and really good!  I love gymnastics and so glad that they do too.  They have a fabulous coach and we'll be taking her classes next year too.  Oh and get this...  Jacques was drying off after his bath the other day and bent over to dry his legs... the boy has a 6 pack!!!  He's 5!  Lucky boy. I worked my butt off for years, but could only ever get the top two to show because I have thick Irish elastic free skin on my stomach. 

Spring Ahead already!!

My boys are driving me crazy, LOL!!!  Every year their little bodies seem to naturally prepare themselves for the time chance.  We don't spring ahead here until this coming weekend.  Anthony has been getting up by 6 most mornings, when he doesn't need to be up until 7 or even later.  He's been getting Jacques up as well.  Then, of course they are over tired and just plain crazy by the end of the day :P  This morning I was trying to head Anthony off before he could go wake up Jacques.  He didn't even need to, Jacques was in Philippe's crib with him and they were having a grand ole time.  Needless to say they were all in bed early tonight!

Cna't wait until Sunday :D

I've been taking Stacy Julien's Library of Memories class at BigPictureScrapbooking and it is soooo fabulous.  I've been understanding the whole concept throughout the past 8 lessons.  To be able to scrapbook for fun, to scrapbook what I want when I want and not feel guilty because Christmas hasn't been scrapped, for example or Jacques' book is way behind.  My books are no long chronological and I like it!  GUILT FREE!!  I had stopped scrapping chronologically a while ago, but having my books in no particular order is so freeing!

THEN, the other day, I actually experienced it!  I was thinking about how I could dress up these little albums and drawers that Krista gave me... and it hit me that I was doing this without any guilt to what I should be scrapping.  Unlike before this class, I never once gave a thought to all those unscrapped photos, or how behind I was or how much time this project would take away from those.  Before this class I never did many other projects because I felt like they were taking away precious time and energy from the scrapbooking I should be doing... getting caught up.  Well, now I am caught up, in my own way, which is not having to be caught up at all! LOL

Below is a scan from Cathy Zielske's book Clean & Simple Scrapbooking - the Sequel  Love this!!!  It makes so much sense doesn't it? Just click on it to make it big enough to read :)


Ok, I know I've been gone a long time, and I need to update a little about our trip.  It's just that it seems like such a huge, overwhelming job that I kept avoiding it.  Today, I decided to just jump right in and blog about something else.  Just to get something posted.  Maybe I'll be back soon and update Canada in point form, maybe...