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The Boys are back in town!

So great to have them back, even when they are fighting!  They had a great time, but were unlucky with the weather.  Unfortunately, it took them all of 2 hours to ransack my immaculate house, but hey... that's what kids do right.  It may not be tidy, but it is clean!

All I want to do is scrap.  But, I have a to do list as long as my arm...  And so what am I doing?  I'm on the computer.  ha!! 

We've had super weather all this week, like 28°C  I think.  It's a bit cooler today, but the boys still wearing shorts.  Lots of outside play and all the tulips are pretty much finished around here.  The boys have been pretty tired since they got back, they are still on the Spain rhythm and don't fall asleep til almost 10, if not later...  so as a result they've gone a bit Scavo on me, but I've been strict...

I'm still working on the easter photos, but here are a few to tide you over, notice the diaper pail pulled up to the crib, that was to help climb in...Abaindesdames_3 GoodmorningphilLookuptoj_3

You better have a good excuse, young LADY!!

I know, I know!  I've been gone a long time.  We went to Switzerland for the Easter weekend.  Bertille and Clément were baptised on easter Sunday as well.   Photos coming!  I'm half way there...  yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.  But, MIL took the bigs to Spain for the week, so I am totally taking advantage and SPRING CLEANING!!  Like just short off knocking the house down and rebuilding it!!  Well, actually just the rooms that I don't usually get a chance to spend a lot of time cleaning, but always need it the most.  The kids' rooms and the play/scrap room!!  It's lookin' REAL good!!

Magaly offered to keep Philippe last night, so Matthieu and I went to a movie and then out to eat.  We saw 'Music & Lyrics' or whatever it's called in English.  It was adorable, not the best movie ever, but it had Hugh Grant in it so, yeah, well, it was nice :D

Ok, gotta keep cleaning the boys are back in 2 days, if I stop cleaning too long, I'll start to miss them ;)

Sweet tooth

As many of you know, Philippe has a bigger sweet tooth than I do, so that's BIG,  LOL!!  We had strawberries yesterday,  for the first time this year.  He has never tasted them before since last year he was too young.  He doesn't like veggies and there are very few fruit that he will eat.  So, of course he wouldn't touch the strange new red fruit.  I got Matthieu to sprinkle a little sugar on them to tempt him.  Next thing I knew he was licking the sugar off all the strawberries and lining them up on the table :P