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Happy birthday sweet Anthony

So today was Anthony's forth birthday!  He had a little party at school and was so proud to bring cupcakes that we had made together.  I guess he got shy as they sang Joyeux Anniversaire but he was soooo happy when I picked him up.  After school this afternoon we made a cake for us for tonight.  Even Philippe 'helped'.  Yeah, it was a mess, but the boys had fun.  He blew out his candles and then opened some gifts... thanks everyone!!!!  Then he noticed how much Jacques loved his little R2D2 and he said to him 'Jacques, you can keep that.'  So, since I was the one that bought it for him, I asked him if he liked it.  He said he loved it in a very excited voice.  So puzzled, I asked him why he was giving it to Jacques.  'Because Jacques loves it, too.'  It's moments like these that tell me we must be doing something right.Acandlesbig_2 Aandbrothersbday