The Boys are back in town!
Happy birthday sweet Anthony


That's how many shirts Matthieu had yesterday!!  NINETY!!  he wears a button up shirt everyday, work or not...  plus, the man loves a nice shirt and buys them and buys them and buys them, then squishes them in his closet and only wears about 10 of them on a regular basis.  Ok, granted that's 10 long sleeve and 10 short... 20/90... you get the picture.  Apparently, a shirt needs 2cm of space in a closet, so not to get wrinkled, etc.  He has a 70cm wide closet!!

So I set to work yesterday and surprised him with a cleaned out closet, with what I though were his favourites... 43, ok, so there were 8 extras, but hey I thought I'd give the boys some slack.   When he saw what I had done, I thought he just might pass out, his knees looke dlike they were getting pretty weak. But, he was indeed impressed that the closet door would close without any pushing or shoving and that the shirts had room to breathe.  He then surprised me by going through the shirts I picked as 'keepers' and  weeded out a dozen more, granted he did go through the piles I had made for goodwill (some of which ahd a good layer of dust on them) and put back about 8 or so...  But, counting the one he was wearing and the few that are in the wash or waiting to be ironned, I think we are down to about 45, people!!  So proud of my sweet packrat!!Mshirts