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Wedding photos

Well, we are back from Italy and I just finished editing some of the photos from the wedding itself.  I took close to 400 photos in less than 3 days, so Mom you'll have to wait to see Rome.  Besides, I figured it's the wedding you want to see first.  I had put the photos in order but typepad likes to change things up... Oh and Kevin did not have 8 guys stand for him, those are all of his brothers... only one missing was Kathleen, man, I miss her...

Here are a few of my favs and then you can see more in the wedding album.  I was playing around with actions and such, there are some that look funny and I want to change, but it's bed time ;)Kevinandeleonora Murphyboysandeleonora Insidechurch

The fabulous Stacy!

I know you've seen these photos but I just wanted to show off this amazing LO that my friend Stacy did for me!!  My very first digital LO!!  Probably my last as well since I'm hopeless when it comes to working  with computers for more than just email and message boards :PStacysphillipeforweb

Scrap-a-Ganza Projects

I've been wanting to share my projects for awhile now, but it's been really hot and humid here lately, and since Matthew and David left I've been lazy and tired.  It's cooler today and rainy, so here I am.  The only problem is that I seem to have misplaced the cord for my camera so no new photos, lucky enough I have some in my computer already :)  I'll ask Matthieu for the cord when he comes home tonight, he was fixing the scanner the other day and the cord is always here...

Anyway, I'm going to send you here for Karen Burniston's first project.  A double page interative LO.  Lots of fun, pop ups and pull thingies!!  Hers is finished so it looks better than my photo-less one. 

And then go here to see Mellie's super cool envelope book.  It's 5 envelopes stuck together to make an accordian album so that each page actually has a pocket to hold another page!!  Mellie rocks!!  Hers has photos too, so it's nicer to look at than mine at the moment. 

I've got a lot of other scrappy projects on the go right now (ahemfathersdayandoverdue mothersdaygiftsahem) so photos for these projects are on the back burner.  The boys are I are making a cute little book for Matthieu so I'll post that when it's finished, we are going to get the photos after school and that's pretty much done.  Speaking of Father's day... the boys came home from school for lunch with the projects they made and they were so proud.  Anthony hid his under his bed and when I went to check to see if he had fallen asleep for his nap today, he was sleeping with it.  I did take a piccie, but again it's trapped in my camera :P  Amber, does this remind you of the RAW SAG photos from last year :P  LOL!!

For the rest of the projects, I'm just going to put all the pix at the bottom, because I'm too lazy to figure out how to get this silly blog to post like it previews, the text alway ends up somewhere where I didn't put it :P  Just click on any of the pix to make it bigger.

We did the doodled bag last, it was a LOT of fun and I was able to finish it up really quickly at home.   It's just too big to use as a purse or diaper bag, so that sucks!

The 31 days was Mellie's other class, I think this was my favourite, it was mostly stamping and inking...  so fun!  I don't tend to get into the messy messy stuff at home but after this class, I think I'll be more apt to.  The blue background on page 7 is actually inked from a linen ink pad!  the swirls, number and lines are all stamps!!  This is a photo a day project.  you take a photo a day for a month and voila a little book!  Amber and I both picked July, in true twin fashion, our July's will be packed full of fun stuff. 

Karen's other project was the fun book that I collaged together down there.  These are my photos of her book, again, mine has no photos yet!!  It's a book of seasons and every page had something interactive, true to Karen's style :D  Spring has a pop up flower, summer has a spinning pinwheel, fall (my fav) has a pop up tree, with just one itty leaf left and winter has a paper chain, like you'd find on a Christmas tree!  Fab!!  Fun fun class!

Ok, so that's all I have photos for... the others are great too, sorry I can't share right now!  The best thing about this year is that we were pretty much able to finish ALL the projects at the event, whether in class or in the crop room!!  The projects we signed up for were all fabulous and we were NOT disappointed!!  Actually, I think I was blown away and completely happy with what we made!!  Man I love these events.  I'm already itching for next year ;) Front Back Cover_2 7blank All_pages

Sweet, Happy boy

I have some photos and stories to share from scrap-a-ganza, but I just wanted to share my sweet baby with you first. He's so easy going and rarely cries.  He's almost always happy and if you add horses of any kind or going outside, he's estatic!  He wants to do whatever his brothers are doing, including playing with the big boy Playmobil and 'peeing' (which involves him saying 'pee' a million times until I remove his diaper and he goes and gets the stool and climbs up and stands in front of the toilet ;) )   He does take the odd tantrum and when he does, it's so adorable you just want to laugh, but most times he really doesn't mind if he doesn't get his way.  He'll go along with anything as long as he can take a playmobil horse with him.  You put him to bed with his doudou, and he says nigh-nigh and blows you a kiss and then not a peep until morning.  His kisses are plentiful and he'll never refuse if you ask.  In the last couple of days he's been hugging us as well, and he holds on so tightly, so sweet, I don't want to ever let go.  He's snuggly and huggly and loves a cuddle.   He hates to see anyone upset, sad or mad.  He gets a concerned look on his face and comes right over to pat your head or back and give a sweet kiss. 

He loves horses so much that when we saw some real ones in fields along the road on the way to the beach he was neighing in the back seat and actually shaking he was that excited!!  After one of the workshops, I came back to the hotel room to find them all watching Spirit, a horse cartoon.  He was neighing away.  I watched with him for a bit but, my pregnant bladder was calling.  He started crying and saying 'Mommy nay, Mommy nay!!'  He wanted me to watch the movie with him. 

Some of these are from the beach this weekend and the rest are from this morning...  Love ya, my sweet Philippe-pheeper-doodle!!Philippejune

mother's day

Sunday was Mother's Day here in France so the boys brought their gifts along in their suitcases to Holland.  Jacques kept saying 'I'm not going to tell you it's a flower pen!'  Anthony's class made sweet necklaces out of plaster.  All weekend Matthieu had been hinting around, asking where the stores were...  I wasn't getting it and by Sunday he was less subtle ;)  He got me a Crop-a-Gator... or at least that's what he asked for... this is what I got...  Here are a few photos, you can click on them to make it all bigger if you want a good look at my cuties.  Motherddaystory_2

hello there..

Yeah, remember me?

Well, lots has been going on but my goal for June is to post here twice a week... Do you think I can do it?  I think I can! 

Here's a random update post, I have lots of photos to share but my camera  battery died while I was going through them and it's charging now so those will be in my second post for the week ;)

Well, the biggest news for sure is that we are expecting number 4 late November!!  I guess that's part of the reason I haven't been around I haven't been feeling too hot but I'm into the second trimester now and I'm feeling great now.  Things are going well, and I finally have a little belly.  This is the fun bit, I'm waiting for those first flutters!!

The boys had their school field trip today.  They went to an animal park nearby and just had a blast, they had perfect weather and I think it was a great day for them.  They came home exhausted though, so it was a quick bath, quick supper and into bed early.

We were in Holland this weekend for Scrap-a-Ganza!!  Fun fun fun!!  I met up with Amber and we took all the same workshops so it was a lot better than the other times when we weren't always together.  We were 100% happy with ALL of our projects, they were all super!!  And the best bit is that most of them are finished too, except for photos and finishing touches!!  We took two from Mellie, which were fabulous and it was so great to see her again.  She's so fun and full of energy!  Matthieu and the boys came and they had a wonderful time at the beach, the weather was gorgeous and they got to go swimming.  Good thing I had taken their swimsuits for the pool because the weather was supposed to be cold.  They spent a lot of time with Amber's family, the boys loved little Georgia.  Lots of photos so I'll share more about this when those are ready.

We have my cousins Matthew and David visiting with us.  They are spending a month backpacking across Europe and hope to have visited Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Switzerland.  They'll be here for a few more days and we'll see them again in a few weeks at Kevin's wedding in Italy, where we will meet up with lots of other Duggans!!   Should be fun!  When is it not when there are 2 or more Duggans ;)

Last thing, we are going to Canada this summer!!!  I'll be there with the boys for 5 weeks but Matthieu is only staying 2.  I can't wait to finally spend a pregnant summer away from the heat.  We booked a week in a cottage on PEI and we'll be at mom's for the Highland Games.  I love Antigonish in the summer!