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PEI perfection

Well, an entire week without internet didn’t kill me, in fact it was quite relaxing. We were on PEI for 7 days and it was such a peaceful, fun time. The boys had a blast at the beach and at all the attractions in Cavendish. I'm so glad that Anthony and Philippe appreciated a great cone from Cows, even if Jacques did prefer the Beavertails

Our beach house was idyllic if you don’t count the mosquitoes. They didn’t bother me much, or the kids, but most everyone else was bitten a million times. Matthieu’s legs looked like he had the chicken pox. The weather was perfect too, lots of sunshine and those of us ahemToddahemNicoleahem who forgot to put sun block on themselves, got nasty burns…

PEI is truly the most gorgeous place imaginable to me. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else… I’d love to live there, but Matthieu doesn’t care for the slower pace of life when he’s not on vacation.

We ate really well, too… lobster supper in New Glasgow, lots if Tim’s (I even got a tee that says ‘Give me my Timmie’s and no one gets hurt’ :D ), lots of yummy seafood, BBQs and of course Cows’ ice cream :)

Mom, Nicole and I got our tea leaves read... it was quite fun and the first thing she said about me, without having known anything about me, was that I was busy, a active, fun busy, but busy nonetheless. There were 3 figures that she felt were involved in all this active busyness :D

We went to Shining Waters family park, Dean talked about the water slides the whole way there but once we got to the kiddie slide he decided he didn't to go in the water at all! My 3 had a blast... The last day we took the boys for pony rides and I thought Philippe would burst he was so excited!! I had to let him go twice and he was so cute sitting up there on the that big gentle horse (the pony wasn't feeling well). He went the whole way by himself and is truly a natural as well as a horse lover.

Family fun, we always have logs of laughs when we get all together, even if we were missing Keith. Monopoly has never been so fun. :D

I added a few photos of the week in the PEI 07 album...

This weekend is the Highland Games, the road race was last night (Todd, Matthieu, Stella and Gela all ran and did well!!! The boys had fun cheering them all on) and the parade was this morning. We are heading to watch the competitions this afternoon and the tattoo is this evening. Matthieu is going to the beer tent with Krista, Patrick et al. but I think me and my belly will pass ;)