Sweet talk me
Happy birthday Phee!!!

Almost 2

I can't believe that 2 years has passed already... such a 'coquin'  He loves a joke and is constantly testing me, but we have a lot of fun with him!!

He started going to playschool today.  He did really well and told and retold all that he did in his 2-3 word sentences.   Pay choo choo.  Fix-it choo choo.  Pay kits.  Fun.  Pippers.  Go back?   Translation: he played with the trains, fixed the trains, he played with the kids and had fun! and wore his slippers.  He wants to go back.

It was too early in the day to get any good pix so I'm going to have to stage his first day later, shhhhh!   I got a new cable for my camera today so here are some that weren't completely blurry, plus one of him painting the saloon doors for Sunday's party and a couple of him doing his favourite passtime... puzzles!!  Man, I can't wait for him to open the ones we got him for his birthday, I'm so bored of the ones we have :PSchoolbag Ninnyscoobag Painting Puzzle1 Puzzle2