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One Fun Filled Weekend

I just wrote a big long blog post, but my computer closed the window on me (it's been doing that a lot lately) and I lost everything!!  And I was 2 secs away from hitting save!!!  So here's the fast run down.

This weekend we had a surprise party for Jean-Laurent, he turned 65 over the summer and since it wasn't easy to get everyone together with people on vacation all over the place Marie-Noëlle planned it for Saturday.  He was really surprised and everyone had a great time together.  The kids always have a blast with their cousins and Matthieu and his brothers act like kids when they get together and I have to say that I love my SILs!!  How lucky I am to have 5!! 

Etienne (Jacques' godfather) and Violaine arrived just in time to come with me to pick up Jacques from school on Saturday morning.  V and I hid so that he could see Etienne first.  Well, he didn't see him because the sun was in his eyes and he even tried to walk around him.  We had a great laugh at that but he was soooo happy to see him!

That evening was the party and it was a lot of fun, but noisy and crazy.  Henar's brother Jesus (it's funny writing that since the Spanish pronounce it Hey-Zeus or something like that) came as well and since the Julien and Henar left early Sunday morning, we were all able to go through old photos and make up songs for a little presentation at the wedding.  He fit right in and seemed quite at ease even with all the noise.

Since Saturday was Matthieu's birthday, and it was overshadowed by Papy's surprise, we did sing to himon sunday.  We will officially celebrate his birthday this Sunday with Philippe.  We aren't doing anything big since we don't want to make everyone come all the way back, but if anyone is in the area, you are more than welcome.  I'll put the invite I made at the bottom, I'm scared to lose my post again by adding it now.  It's a cowboy theme and Philippe has actually asked for a horse cake and I found a fun and easy one to make ;)  Matthieu loves pie so that's what he's getting ;) Philippe went nuts over Papy's cake saying 'more pease' or 'encore pease' depending on who was listening to him.

Then Sunday evening, some of my friends had a virtual shower for Amber and me!!  It may sound strange, but it was probably the most fun I've had 'alone' in front of my computer!!  They all sent boxes ahead of time with gifts and yummy treats that you can't find over here.  We set up a time when we'd all be free and we chatted, played games, ate treats and opened presents.  I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face and started having BH contractions ;)  I'm so glad that this little moose got a shower.  It's always fun to celebrate a new life and these girls sure know how to party :D  Susan, Stacy, Barb and Linda, thank you from the bottom of my heart for these fabulous gifts and such a fun evening!!Virtualshowerpressies_2 Virtualshower_4 Pressies_2