One Fun Filled Weekend
Almost 2

Sweet talk me

Aw gun
menana bret
horsey paws soh
Fa-a howp
choo choo fain

If you haven't guessed by now, those are some of the words and phrases in Philippe vocab.  He says these in his high adorable baby voice and I just can't get enough ;)  Can you figure out what any of these are?  I'll give translations in a sec. 

Recently he's realised how to joke and tease so he's been so much fun.  He's forever standing up in his highchair so we are foever saying 'sit down, Philippe'.  So, I take the stroller with me when I pick up/drop off the kids at school.  He knows he has to be in it until the boys are dropped off or picked up, then he's free to 'wawk pease'  So one day Anthony saw the empty stroller and climbed in and then Philippe climbed on the back to ride.  Anthony turned around and got up on his kness to talk to him.  Right away Philippe yells 'seet dooown Ninny!'  It was sooo funny, and after he heard me tell anyone around who would think it was cute, he realised that he could make people laugh with it.  He's been just saying it out of the blue just to get a laugh :D

Aw gun-all gone
menana bret-banana bread
horsey paws soh-horse puzzle
Fa-a howp-Philippe help
choo choo fain-choo choo train (so yes, this means he says truck, fu... well you know ;) )

Of course, he says a lot of words bang on, like cookie, candy, cake... hmmm I see a trend here ;)