Bwaaawk bwawk!!

An overheard conversation...

Ok, so, today and yesterday I turned the house upside down and minimised all the toys around here.  I put 3.5 recycle bags full of toys up into storage.  I did have 4 but Philippe found the megablocks train and bus and started playing with them.  I realised that the reason he wasn't playing with them before was because they were hidden behind piles of other toys :P  Things look great, everything is organised, and the boys were actually a great help, and didn't mind storing some of their stuff away for a few months.

So, anyway, that conversation...
Anthony was at a birthday party when we started sorting, so when he came back Jacques was explaining what we were doing...

Jacques:  We putting some of the toys upstairs so that it'll be easier to play and to clean up... then when we get to take them back down again, it'll be like Christmas!!

Anthony: Oh yeah, that's really cool!

LOL!  I'll leave you with a LO of the two of them :D  I made it with the October kit from the Nook, come here to find out more about our DT call and Virtual crop!!