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Home Alone

You know when you have a great family and wonderful friends you are never really alone.  Matthieu took the boys to Spain for Julien's wedding this weekend and I had to stay here.  Alone.  I have Moose and MIL's cat, of course, but it's not the same as having people to hug and talk to. 

Everyone went out of their way to make my weekend wonderful.  Julien and Henar sent me flowers, wishing I was there but it was for a good cause.  They sent a note with directions to an email account with a sweet message and a photo slide show just for me.  Then, on his way to the church, he called me to say that they were thinking of me. Isn't that the sweetest.  He was also checking to see that I got the flowers and to tell me that Philippe (who had been feeling sick) was feeling a lot better.

I've also gotten regular calls from Matthieu with reports on poor Philippe and Anthony and then at the meal (that started at 10pm!!!) just as the kids were about to sing the song they prepared.  I was crying, especially when they got to the part where they welcomed 'aunt Henar'!!  It was not the first time I cried this weekend.  I haven't shed soooo many tears in a long time.  Good thing most of them were happy tears.  Mom called too and we had a fun chat.

So what did I do on my weekend alone?  I went to IKEA and got a LOT of fun stuff to organise, including a bookcase.  I carried up each piece one by one and put the thing together and got everything all set up on it.  Unfortunately it's dark now, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to take a pic.  I did have a little photo shoot with me, myself and moose.  Gotta love my timer but I think I'll add a tirpod to my letter to Santa this year.  Oh and I rested!!  Boy did I rest!  8 solid hours each night.  I woke up once after about 6 hours the first night and realised that I hadn't even moved.  I rolled over and went back to sleep :)  Boy did my bed seem HUGE!

Ok, so I'll leave you with my flowers and Moose.  The outfit, I totally stole the idea from Amber, but unfortch, I don't have her incredible photoshop skills, so basically these are all unedited here...35_2 Sitting Belly Flowersjh Standing