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We're home... again!

Mommyandme3days_cropped_sepia Hello everyone!  I'm just going to be quick because things are busy here but I just wanted to let you know that there are a few pix in an album, called Juliet, along the left sidebar.  Plus, I wanted to share the short version of her birth story.  The times are all guesses because I really can't remember, the time gets all distorted when you're in the thick of it ;)

I had my FHM and Dr appt that morning at 10 and then 11am, there were 3 big contrax on the print out that I felt but with hypnobirthing they didn't hurt.  He asked me if I felt them and then examined me but I hadn't dialated at all.  He said 'It's definitely not for today'. 

I had lots of contrax all day, but completely irregular and painfree at first because of the hypnobirthing.  I think I got a little stressed, because it felt like this 'should' be it but the dr had said it wasn't.  Anyway the stress of not knowing led to contrax that started to bother me and it was harder to breathe through them. 

6pm, Matthieu came home early from work and I was able to lie down with my hypnobirthing tape and then the contracts stopped hurting.

6:30, The contrax finally settled into a pattern.  They were 3 minutes apart.  After 3 or 4, we decided if that at 7pm they were still regular that we would head to the maternit√© in Luxembourg.

6:45, everything was really regular and I knew this was it.  I got Matthieu to call his mom, but he couldn't get ahold of her.  He got Eric to come and stay until she came.

7pm, I got up and tried to get things ready to go between breathing through the contrax, still only feeling the pressure of them but needing to stop completely every 2 minutes or so to breathe through them.

7:15, Kokomis happened to come by to pick up Papy from work so she came up and I gave her the instructions for the boys while I was gone and Matthieu got the suitcases ready to go.  I started thinking that maybe we should just go to Bel Air (the local hospital) instead of trying to make it the 30 minutes to Luxembourg.

7:30, on our way out the door I felt that my water was leaking and then had a sudden sensation to push!!!  Matthieu got Eric to call the SAMU (EMT) but he had a hard time convincing them that I was not just imagining that I was ready to give birth but actually holding the baby in!!  Meanwhile I went back to the bedroom and waited for them to arrive.

7:50, fire and rescue arrived

7:52, two EMT doctors arrived

7:55  Juliet Marianne Vincens arrived!! 

JULIET, November the 20th at 7h55 pm

A quick post to tell you that Juliet (yes ... a girl) was born last tuesday night. She and her Mummy are fine and they'll be back on Saturday (the 24th).

here is a small challenge ; guess where was she born ???

Matthieu ( an happy daddy)

shift in thinking

So, since the whole wishing and hoping this baby out thing is not working so well for me I decided to change my tactics.  If I think things differently then I will react differently.  If I think this baby is coming today and it doesn't then of course I'll be disappointed.  If I don't think that the baby is coming for awhile, today is just a normal day. 

I'm picking a day.  Dec 3.  It's mom's birthday and X-ring day.  It's also another 2 weeks away.  At times I don't think that I can handle another 2 weeks of  aches and pains, being this freakin' slow, only having 2 pair of pants that still fit and having 45 people a day ask me 'Didn't you have that baby yet?'  Um, is the HUGE belly not answer enough?  I should be snarky and say something like 'I just decided to keep anyway, since it's so much fun to carry around.' :P  Anyway, there is a real possibility that I will still be pregnant in 2 weeks and even as far as Dec 8, so I'm bucking it up and I'm even going to try and keep this baby in there until the 3rd ;)   Hopefully, it'll be like reverse psychology on the baby.  That's what happened with Jacques, we had just moved in here and didn't even have doors or anything finished and wanted so bad for him to be late... he was 10 days early...

Twiddling my Thumbs

Ok, not really because there is always lots to do when you have 3 little boys, but still yeah, Moose, you can come out whenever you are ready darling!! ;)

I have all my French announcements prepped and the English ones are not far behind, bags are packed, hypnobirthing has been practiced, I'm registered at the clinic, the baby's stocking is almost finished, Christmas shopping is done...

I'm getting impatient :D

Where babies come from...

According to Jacques.

When he came home from school the other day and saw the cradle all set up with the stork, Jacques was curious about the stork's connection to babies.  I reminded him of the stork who brought Dumbo to his mother and said that it was a fun story to explain where babies came from. 

he thought for a moment and then said, 'I know, how it works.  The stork can fly so it can go up to Jesus' house.  It flies the baby down here and then Jesus can put it in your belly.'

I'm Ready

Ok, so I do have some last minute things to do and the birth announcements aren't completely prepped yet.  BUT, the beds are ready!!!  The crib is our room and the cradle is in thr nursery.  For those of you who didn't know me when the others were small, the cradle was Matthieu's great grandfathers, MIL painted Pooh, I made the bedding and the voile from the cradle (smaller one) is my wedding veil.  the stork is a new addition just for Moose :D

Cradle1 Cradle2 Pooh Cribhead Crib1 Crib2

Nook Nov kit!!

I've been having sooo much fun with this month's kit from My scrapbook nook.  I wish I had more energy because I have a lot more ideas for the rest of this kit :D  There are still a few kits left, but I'd hurry because these things go pretty fast!!   Leah also put together a kit that supports breast cancer research, you can see her samples here, I don't think I have to tell you that I LOVE the baby's first year version ;)

Here are my Nov LOs so far... the second one is based on a sketch by Erica who is on the DT with me at my Scrapbook Nook.

Bonpapasgarden Doudoulovin

38 weeks

Not a whole lot going on around here.  The boys started back to school today, and Pheeps and I went on a much needed grocery run.  I wasn't going to go twice with the 3 of them so we ate leftovers and such last night ;)  Just to hang in long enough until I could go with just philippe.  I also picked up the last bits of Christmas stuff for the boys!! Yahoo!! 

I have my last appt with my French dr tomorrow and then next week I start going to Luxembourg.  I just want the baby to hold off until I go next week so that I can pre-register and all that, so I won't have to do that while in labour :P  This weekend, Matthieu will be gone to Batimat (it's like CHA for building supplies), so MIL adn FIL are going to be 'on call'  We'll eat with them for lunches and they are just going to stick around town all weekend and make me feel better,  just in case moose decides to pull a Philippe and show up while Daddy is away :D

Blog watch

Ok, so 37 weeks, that's about time that this baby is starting to think about arriving.  I just hope moose waits long enough for the chicken pox to clear the house...  Another good week, ok baby? 

Anyway, I guess it's time that I start posting regularily, like almost every day.  So those of you who are curious will know whether or not I'm off having my baby.

Still quite a few last minute baby things to do before hand and a few Christmas projects to finish up.  Let's hope I can get close to finishing :D