India Week
I did it!!

He came from the East bearing gifts.

My very own wise man... :D

Matthieu got home yesterday at 1pm and was at work a half an hour later with strick instructions that I was not allowed to look in his suitcase!  Now, if he hadn't said that I would not have been incredible tempted everytime I passed by it all afternoon yesterday.  Then, last night he pulled out gift after gift after gift.  the kids all got tees and a beautiful new playmat.  I got a gorgeous 'real' pashmina scarf.  Who knew that mountain goat beard could be so soft!!  who knew that real pashmina comes from mountain goat beard LOL!!  Then out came the bling, a silk painting, an embroidered bed cover, an embroidered shirt with a heart on it and he's keeping some aside for Valentine's day and my birthday :D  A week alone with the kids was totally worth all this spoiling!!

His camera battery died and he hasn't recharged it yet and I'm not allowed near the suitcase still so how about some baby pix ;)Francetteoutfit Headinhands Cuddle Twinkle

Playmobil_2 Philippe