Sweet Ride
He came from the East bearing gifts.

India Week

Long time?  yeah, I know...  I've been a tad busy ;)

Christmas was great, Angela was here with us, everyone was spoiled and we had a great time.

Thursday, Matthieu left for a business trip to India.  He's having a great time, basically living in the lap of luxury for a week, except for one half day that he spent working ;)  He called last night to tell us that he rode a camel and slept in a tent in the desert.  Not a sporty little camping tent, a huge thing and he even slept on a real bed ;)  Can't wait to see his photos!!

So, of course that means that I'm home alone with 4 kids.  That fact that I'm writing this tells you that I'm not doing too badly.  I don't have too much time to myself but I'm doing fine :D  Mind you I wouldn't want to do this forever...  Can't wait until Friday when he come home!

The boys are doing well, they are missing their dad but they are being good.  Jacques had a field trip yesterday and had a great time.

Juliet is growing, smiling ALL the time, laughing and gooing and is such a joy!!  She now goes to bed at 11 instead of 12pm, so that's makes life easier.  I moved her bath back 15 mins at time so she gets sleepy sooner and I'll probably go 15mins more so that I can go to bed at 11pm :D  Here are some photos from today, can you see that her eyes are blue?  I had to include the big smile one even if it is overexposed!Bigsmile Greydress Greydresssmile Smileatmommy Tongue