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Just a quick update for anyone that was worried.  He did wonderfully and was very brave.  Everything went very well.  It's amazing the difference in his hearing.  I was getting fed up with yelling!


We went to visit Franck, Claire and family over the weekend.  We all had a great time, even though Juliet was a bit sick, and still is actually.  Most of the kids were crying or yelling in protest when it was time to go.  Here are a few photos, including Jeanne d'Arc (or Joan, or whatever her name is) being burned at the stake and Claire's flowers!!  Her bulbs are all blooming and I only have teeny tiny bits of green poking out of the ground!

Tomorrow Jacques, Juliet and I are spending the day at the hospital so that Jacques can get tubes again.  Then, Amber and her family arrive Friday!!!  I can't wait to see them again, meet Dean and hang out with Amber. Emiliennegardens Mandm Bandja Sullysurloire Comp

Jeanne_3 Lucile_5 Swing_2 Clairesgarden

4 Packages & 3 Strollers in 24 hours

My srollers have been slowly dying, which is only normal after all the wear and tear they've taken in the last 6.5 years.  I had just ordered a new base for my big stroller because the seats and pram bit are still in great condition and then, Friday, someone offered to give me a double stroller.  The umbrella stroller, that I keep in the car, squeaks so much I usually have a headache after using it and it's missing a few screws.  I was planning on oiling it and fixing it but Méry and Vincent (Juliet's godfather) got us a new one on Saturday!!  Yay!!  It's so nice to have a quiet stroller with brakes that work!

Friday, I got a notice in the mail that I had 2 parcels to pick up, so I went after school.  One was a great package from Krista with clothes and tights and shoes for Juliet and scrappy stuff for me.  The other one was my prize from the LOAD challenge at BPS!!!  Lots of fun goodies in there too, including a huge stack of paper, rub-ons, stickers, a tote, a MM tag curler, and even a green BPS mousepad and pen!! Are you jealous Char?  It's ok, you have Stacy's skirt ;)  Then, Matthieu comes home with my Coordinates Collections kits that got delivered to his office.  Then, Saturday morning a fabulous package came from Anna from Sweden!!  We did a valentine's swap at the Nook and she was my secret cupid. 

So have I played with any of this yet?  Yes, but only the kit, I'm the guest DT for March so I have the March kit too and it is gorgeous!!  I'm almost finished with those projects and I'll link you up as soon as they are at CC.

Here are pix of Anna's gift and the LOAD prize. ValswapLoadprize_3 

Decisions decisions

Mom and Dad are trying to decide whether or not to come visit us on their March break.  I think it's a no brainer, but whatever ;)

Here are some photos to help them make that decision.  If they've already made it, it's a preview for them.  Or if they made the WRONG decision , this will help them change their minds ;)

The rest of you can just enjoy, with no urgent need to make any decision what soever :DJu25mo Juandvincentpeek Pandju Sailoroutfit

Playap_2 Yookatmomma

New Flair Designs contest!!

Check it out on the Flair blog and get scrappin'!!!


You have until March 6th and the prizes include the new Amazing Grace and Easter Surprize line.  They are soooo pretty, check them out here and here.

Half Full

I have always believed in the power of positive thinking, I just never really put it into action much.  The last 10 days or so I've really been trying to do just that.  I've beenlooking on the bright side and expecting the best instead of the worst.  Lots of great things have happened in those 10 days.  From little things, like finding the perfect parking spot and having the kids fall asleep easily, to big, fabulous things like winning a guest design team spot and winning a $100 prize!! 

Stacy Julien is  my scrapbooking hero.  Actually, she's one of my life heros, too...  She's very 'glass half full' and many amazing things happen in her life.  She's hosting the simple scrapbooks blog this month and she said  LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE CRANKY!   I'm sorry their blog is not set up so that I can directly link you to the right entry (or at least I can't figure out how to do it).  This sentence has stuck with me since I read it yesterday.  Everytime I started to get cranky, I just decided not to!  It really worked.  It takes a lot less energy to be happy :D  Happiness is a choice, if more people knew that I'm sure the world would be a better place.

Today was carnaval at school...  it's pouring out so they didn't do their tradtional parade in town, so all I have are these photos, neither Anthony or the lighting were cooperating but they are still pretty cute!!  Who cares if they aren't perfect, they captured the day!

Go, be happy, by choice!  How can you not be after looking at these darling faces!Jacquescarnaval Anthonycarnaval Philippecarnaval

I did it!!

Ok, I had this blog entry all ready where I told you about how I did a Layout a day EVERY day for the whole month of January and posted them to the challenge gallery.  How 12 of those days Matthieu was away.  How I did those LOs with 4 kids to look after, including a 2 mo old.  How some of those were done in 15 mins!!   All ready to post just waiting for me to finish posting some of Matthieu's photos from India.

Well, in the meantime, I got an email from Lain Ehmann who was running the challenge.  They had 2 random draws amoung the girls who completed the challenge.  Lots of scrapping goodies and free classes at BPS.  AND I WON!!!!!  I'll be able to take Lain's class this spring.  the other prize pack had Stacy J's Library of Memories as the free class, but I took last year and will be taking again this year as an alumni, and I'm excited about that, but yeah, so flippin' excited to get this prize pack!!  Thanks Lain and thanks BPS!!!

Oh you want to see those LOs, I bet...  most of them are here and I did a mini that's posted here

And... here's one shot from India... pretty cool huh?