He came from the East bearing gifts.
Half Full

I did it!!

Ok, I had this blog entry all ready where I told you about how I did a Layout a day EVERY day for the whole month of January and posted them to the bigPictureScrapbooking.com challenge gallery.  How 12 of those days Matthieu was away.  How I did those LOs with 4 kids to look after, including a 2 mo old.  How some of those were done in 15 mins!!   All ready to post just waiting for me to finish posting some of Matthieu's photos from India.

Well, in the meantime, I got an email from Lain Ehmann who was running the challenge.  They had 2 random draws amoung the girls who completed the challenge.  Lots of scrapping goodies and free classes at BPS.  AND I WON!!!!!  I'll be able to take Lain's class this spring.  the other prize pack had Stacy J's Library of Memories as the free class, but I took last year and will be taking again this year as an alumni, and I'm excited about that, but yeah, so flippin' excited to get this prize pack!!  Thanks Lain and thanks BPS!!!

Oh you want to see those LOs, I bet...  most of them are here and I did a mini that's posted here

And... here's one shot from India... pretty cool huh?