4 Packages & 3 Strollers in 24 hours


We went to visit Franck, Claire and family over the weekend.  We all had a great time, even though Juliet was a bit sick, and still is actually.  Most of the kids were crying or yelling in protest when it was time to go.  Here are a few photos, including Jeanne d'Arc (or Joan, or whatever her name is) being burned at the stake and Claire's flowers!!  Her bulbs are all blooming and I only have teeny tiny bits of green poking out of the ground!

Tomorrow Jacques, Juliet and I are spending the day at the hospital so that Jacques can get tubes again.  Then, Amber and her family arrive Friday!!!  I can't wait to see them again, meet Dean and hang out with Amber. Emiliennegardens Mandm Bandja Sullysurloire Comp

Jeanne_3 Lucile_5 Swing_2 Clairesgarden