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Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

We're back and have been since Monday, well... sort of!  I was soooooo glad to be home.  I'm such a homebody and the only other person I know that loves being home so much is Juliet.  She just giggled and cooed at all her toys and in her playpen and slept so well in her own bed.  Anthony, Juliet and I came back on the sleeper train and arrived about lunch time on Monday.  We had just enough time for lunch and a bath or shower each before he had to be at the hospital.   We came home for good Wednesday morning and he's pretty much back to his old self now, just avoiding crusty bread and other 'rough' foods.   He did super well, he ended up only getting in one tube and the tonsils and adnoids out. 

Spain was nice, but, well, Spain...  and a young, overexcited dog and young kids don't really mix.  But, we got to go to the beach and we ate really well, I mean REALLY well!!  The other boys should be back late tonight.  I took M's camera with me since mine is so big and I've been promised the cord since Thursday, so maybe by June I'll have photos to share.  too bad I can't just sneak over to the store and snag it from his computer ;)  Otherwise Anthony and I have been enjoying some fun one on one time :D

Vive les vacances!!

It's very quiet here today!!  Marie-NoĆ«lle took the boys and her dog to Spain this morning.  Juliet and I will take the sleeper train tonight and meet them there around lunch time tomorrow.  There wasn't enough room in either one of our cars for all of us and the dog, but this is probably better since Juliet gets so bored of the car very quickly.

I spent most of yesterday packing for the 5 of us.  Look at my mad packing skills!!  A weeks worth of clothes for 5 in these 2 small suitcases.  There was limited room in the car since Cosinus takes up the 'trunk' of the station wagon. 

I'll be back in a week with Juliet and Anthony because he's getting tubes again and his tonsils out, and Jacques and Philippe will drive back a few days later.  Have a great one!  Spainpacking

Simple Pleasure

Wearing the baby in the baby carrier front facing, so that when people make googoo coochy coo faces at her I get to see, it's hilarious!

Rockin' a parallel in a tight spot with my big ass van.

Playing board games with kids, they could care less about following the rules.

Rearranging the furniture.

Cuddling with a toddler.

Good report cards.

Cheese on soup.

Tulips turning colour, especially since I forget which ones I planted where.

A really happy email from a friend.

My canary singing.

11 loads of laundry, washed, folded and put away.

I hope you all had a great day too!

Poisson D'Avril

Happy April Fool's everyone!!  Here they like to stick paper fish on people's backs as well as well as playing  jokes.  Jacques loves a good prank, so he has been having a blast!  His poker face still needs a bit of work so I knew immediately when I had a fish stuck on me :D  I've also apparently had spiders in my hair, fish in the cupboards and out my window... it's been fun playing along, it's the first year that he really gets it.  :D  The boys all coloured fish to take to school this afternoon to put on their teacher's backs, as it doesn't stop at noon here.  They took them before I got them scanned so I can only share Philippe's.

Oh and a cute story...
I was at the veggie stand this morning and an older couple, in their 70's probably, walked by hand in hand, awwwww.  She must have told him that he stepped in dog poop or something, because he stopped and checked his feet.  The rest of the conversation went something like this.

'Where?  There's nothing there.'
'Yes, look.  Right there.'
'Poisson d'Avril!!'  and she burst out laughing!  So did I!  He swatted at her playfully and she smiled at me, still laughing.  Totally adorable!   That's what life is all about people!!

Oh and P.S.  Easter was FABULOUS, but I haven't even had a chance to look at the photos, let alone resize them.  Matthieu is in Zurich today and tomorrow, so far I'm doing well flying solo.  Papy has gone with him and I don't have a babysitter, but we were on time both times for school!  YAY me!!