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Joyeux Anniversaire Sweet Anthony

He's 5 today!!  Happy birthday, buddy!!Birthdayboy


Yes, I realise that I am a huge geek, but I've been waiting to use that expression for almost 7 years :D  He looks so ridiculous it's cute, don't ya think?Jacquesolantern


Lots of good stuff going on around here lately!

Mom and Dad are coming!!  They booked tickets on a spur of the moment decision and I couldn't be more excited!!  They haven't yet met Juliet (say that 5 times fast :P) and I'm glad they are going to see her while she's still a little baby.  She'll be 8-9 mo when we'll be home in August.  While they are here Juliet will start solids, so that should be a hoot.  I also planned Anthony's pirate birthday for the 17th, so they will be here for that as well :D

In other news Philippe took a big step towards being potty trained!!  I had tried a few times already since Feb but there were too many weekends away or visitors and then he got sick and diarrhea and potty training don't mesh :P  Anyway, when he got home from Spain last Saturday I said, this is it, no more diapers!  Thursday, his brothers were making fun of him a bit at breakfast for peeing in his pants and I was silently encouraging them to do so from behind the cereal boxes ;)  I really think that was the trigger because since then he's been asking and then going.  Now, that's not to say there haven't been a couple accidents, but there have only been a couple and they were when he was too busy playing or too intent on eating his ice cream ;)  He still needs me to help with his pants etc, but can I just say YAY PHILIPPE!!!!!!!

A perfect sunny day here today so Matthieu took the boys to Sierck with the bikes on the bike path along the river, that's 30km!!  He pulled Anthony quite a bit, but Jacques did the whole thing, then I picked them up, just Juliet and I in the GL with the sunroof open and Mika on the stereo :D

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking day...  I had a LO due for Valerie Salmon's blog (that I can't share until tomorrow) and I did this one below, which was prompted by Stacy Julian's challenge on her podcast here...  I also took photos and surfed the festivies online.  OMG Cathy Z is hilarious, she had a video blog everyday leading up to NSD.  go check it out if you in the need of a chuckle.  I'll also add a couple of funny clips I found on youtube the other day when was looking for a NS video, they are funnier to those from NS.  Plus, here's Anthony's invite I made.  If you are in the area... ;)Inviteweb Nsd08


6 tickets here :D

July 24-Aug 27