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A Planner Challenge with a CUTE hockey style Face-off :D




Here is what I've come up with!!
Nancy won't know what hit her, the Battle of Cute is on!Washi-doily-cover So, how did I alter this comp book?

to create a base colour, I covered the front and back covers in strips of green washi tape, and with orange thread ('cause that's fun!) I went around the edges to prevent the washi from curling.  I also stitched a doily on the front that was cut to fit.  I used the same orange thread with some messy stitches.

The bunting was next
 and oh so fun!! I picked out my very favourite washi tape from my stash and folded over little strips to make the banner pieces. I cut a variety of shapes and then took them to my sewing machine.  Now, here is where it helps to have a steady hand or teeny fingers.  It's insane that I can't, for the life of me, sew a straight stitch on say something simple like a curtain hem, but I can stitch these bitty buntings together :D  I made sure to leave lots of excess thread at the end of the stitching so I could make cute little trendy string messes at each end of the buntings.

, I wanted the binding to have a vintage book feel to it.
 After watching my boys tape their hockey sticks, I got an idea. Hockey tape is almost as cool as washi tape. They twist the tape up on itself, spiral it down the top of the stick and then tape over it.  They say it's to get more grip, but I think it just looks cool!   Sticks

So, I took this idea and used it on the spine of my book in 4 spots for that vintage binding look.  I actually braided 3 twists to get them big enough.  Then I covered it all with the blue flowered washi and I cut small strips of gold washi to go over just the 'bumps'.

You know, this only took about an hour to do... actually, it would have only taken an hour, but I originally used pink on the spine but it was too bright, so I ripped it all off and started again with the blue floral. :D

So here is the challenge for you:

1. Using only the supplies we used, washi tape, doilies and a sewing machine, alter the cover of a book (not necessarily a planner).
2. Post a link to it here or in the comments in Nancy's post at before Feb 6th and you will be entered into a draw to win a spot in my Practically Perfect Planner class.  Remember this is a 3 part challenge so the more challenges you participate in the more chances you get to win.
3. Sharing on social media will also earn you chances to win.  Use the hashtag #practicallyperfect and come back here and let me know where you shared.

You can also get another chance to win a spot in my class at and while you are there you can check out my guest blog post there too! 

What if you Knew that there was a PERFECT Planner out there for you



Here's a little story, let me know if this sounds familiar!

You walk into a store in the fall season (or spring for my friends down under) and you you notice, giddily, that they've set out the display of all the pretty new planners for 2015.  You have to stop yourself from actually running over to have a look.  Your hands are shaking as you start picking them up, going through them, and dreaming about all the potential that those pristine little white boxes hold.  You study the cover designs, the layout of the pages, and weigh the pros and cons of an elastic to hold it closed and a spiral binding.  You end up picking the prettiest one.  Or maybe you researched endlessly online to find printable planner pages that you thought were the prettiest and the best fit for you.

You go home, sit by the fire (or outside in the shade, if you are south of the equator) and with a pretty new pen, you very carefully and meticulously fill out every little possible appointment, event and birthday that comes to mind, no matter how small.  You use your best handwriting, just waiting for January 1st to hurry up and get here so that you can actually use this fabulous, pretty planner that's going to change your life and make 2015 your most organised year ever!  This is THE year. The year, you vow to actually use your planner and be organised!

January 1st comes and the planner comes to life!  You've scheduled your every move for January 1, but when the time comes you only sort of half follow it, because it is New Year's day after all. You vow to be more vigilant come Monday morning, then you sit by the fire and fill out your every move for Monday morning.

Monday comes and you eagerly use your planner, but slowly as January marches on, you start using it less and less.


Things aren't working. 

You keep forgetting where you put it and maybe you even missed an appointment or two!  

About mid-month, you pull up your socks, and decide to buckle down and really use the planner.  You fill our your every move for the next day in the planner, determined to get back on the horse.  The next day comes and your forget it at home.  

So come February, that pretty planner is long forgotten on a shelf or in a drawer along with all your good intentions, all collecting dust!
You just aren't a planner person!

If this sounds at all like you, then I can relate!


I've been there, I've been through it, had these false starts many years over and I've come out the other side. 

Just because the planner isn't working for you doesn't mean that you can't use a planner, it just means that it was the WRONGplanner for YOU!

After repeating this story year after year, I now have a planner system that's practically perfect... for me!  Now, while my system will not work for you, I can help you set up your Practically Perfect Planner system.

I've called on two friends who have their own planner systems down and working perfectly for them.  Ashli Oliver and Richelle Shadoan.  They will add their experience, advice, tips and tricks to help you figure out, develop and create your perfect planner.

Whether your style is simple or elaborate, your schedule busy or overwhelming, you'll be able to come up with a planner system that works for you.

This is a 6 week course starting February 9 and running until March 22, because you can start your planner system any time of the year, not just January 1.

It includes:
* Immediate access to the pre-class information
* Class handouts, worksheets, videos, and emails each week.
* A private forum where you can exchange ideas and photos with your classmates and instructors, brainstorm and ask questions
* Custom printable planner pages to help you design your  practically perfect planner
* Custom printable elements (like tabs, lists and bookmarks) to use in your planner.
*Custom cutfiles from the Cut Shoppe.



If you are interested hop on over to for more information!  I really hope to see you in class :D


If the class doesn't seem like the thing for you, I have a free video series to help you make your current planner more functional to your needs, check it our here if you haven't already!

3 Free Planner Tutorials for You!



The first video come out tomorrow so you don't want to miss out! To get the videos just put your name and email in right here and you'll get an email from me tomorrow:


You can go here to learn more.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.39.32 PM

Just DO it!



At first, I chose QUINTESSENTIAL.  I like the idea of getting things down to their essence and getting to the core of who I am really, and plus it's a really pretty word :D

Then, GIVE popped into my head just after Christmas and I really resonated with it and went back and forth wondering if I should change it.  When I heard that Ali's word was GIFT, that was it I changed :D

Then, last week after posting 'my best year ever' LO (full layout is below) and having some chats online DO jumped into my life and it was everywhere.  I thought of switching again, but I really like GIFT and I liked the idea of having the same word as Ali, especially as it came around by complete chance.  I resisted for days and I finally gave it :D

I like DO because it's both a noun and a verb, which I actually discovered accidentally when I commented about liking that a friend's word was both. But, I have to say I like the action part of DO, it's motivating and exciting!  And, just maybe I'll go to some fancy DO and wear my hair in an up DO :D

Please share your word in the comments, and how you came to choose it.