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At first, I chose QUINTESSENTIAL.  I like the idea of getting things down to their essence and getting to the core of who I am really, and plus it's a really pretty word :D

Then, GIVE popped into my head just after Christmas and I really resonated with it and went back and forth wondering if I should change it.  When I heard that Ali's word was GIFT, that was it I changed :D

Then, last week after posting 'my best year ever' LO (full layout is below) and having some chats online DO jumped into my life and it was everywhere.  I thought of switching again, but I really like GIFT and I liked the idea of having the same word as Ali, especially as it came around by complete chance.  I resisted for days and I finally gave it :D

I like DO because it's both a noun and a verb, which I actually discovered accidentally when I commented about liking that a friend's word was both. But, I have to say I like the action part of DO, it's motivating and exciting!  And, just maybe I'll go to some fancy DO and wear my hair in an up DO :D

Please share your word in the comments, and how you came to choose it.