Round up your Printable Planner Pages in our Planner Challenge Round 2
A Look into my Memory Planner: January Pages

13 things you can do today to make your Pretty Planner Bits work for you!



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my take
Nancy's take

Here are my 13 ways to keep yourself organised all the while keeping your planner pretty:

First up, I used plain old paperclips, gussied them up and put them to good use in my planner!


1.  Use pretty paper clips to hold loose planner pages together.


2.  Use pretty paper clips to hold invites, coupons, appointment cards and other papers that you need to take action on, in your planner.  Sometimes when I put little bits of paper in the pockets in my planner I forget that they are there so I need to see them so I can take action on them.  Paper clips are a great way to keep them in sight but still tidy.


Next up is washi tape... good ol' washi :D

3.  Here my friend Connie from uses washi tape to stick a project list to a page in her planner that she wasn't using. What a fantastic way to use those extra pages!

Connie unused pages


4.  I use washi tape to highlight important things in my planner (important, or something that may be new or not quite a habit yet, to bring my attention to them).  Just like I did in the handwritten bit at the beginning of this post, to bring your attention to the challenge.


5.  Along with a bulldog clip, I used washi tape to make this fun pen loop.  I saw this one on pinterest but it seems the tutorial is no longer there.  It was at  Basically, make a loop with washi tape (she used patterned duct tape) doubled over on itself so that the inside of the loop isn't sticky. then, stick it to each side of a bulldog clip. I used red line tape to hold it securely.  You can move the whole pen loop around since it's on a clip and it can go anywhere you need it, to any planner or book or anything else you want to clip it to.



6.  I made a tab for my book with washi tape.  Even though these are pretty, they tend to be flimsy and I only use them for tabs that won't need to be handled too often.


7. Another way to make a tab is to take 2 identical sized and shaped stickers and stick them back to back, sandwiching the page (or divider) in between.  I also used red-line tape to make sure they stick forevah!


8.  This last tab is super simple, just a piece of scrapbook paper with the top corners rounded and simply stapled to the page.  You could also use red-line tape here.


My next 'little pretty' is trim.  I love ribbon and trim.  See if you can guess who inspired this first one ;)

9.  Again, with red-line tape (that stuff is FANTASTIC! -that was said in the 9th Doctor's voice btw) I stuck a line of pompom trim along the edge of a page that I want to be able to find quite easily.  This is my master to-do list. I visit this almost daily to decide on what action steps will get me closer to finishing these bigger to-dos and I add some of those actions to my daily to-do list.

Did you figure out who inspired the pompoms?  Click here for a hint ;)

10. Trim also makes pretty bookmarks.  At the back of my book, using... wait for it... red-line tape ;) I stuck down one end of the trim to the top of the front of the last page, then I used regular double sided tape and stuck the last page to the second last page, sandwiching the end of the trim in between.



I love colour, so it only makes sense that I love to colour code things as well.  Each of my children is assigned a colour, but you don't have to have 6 children to use colour coding!  you can use it for tasks, days, or for projects like Connie did below.

11. Connie uses a different colour for each type of project to keep herself organised.

Connie colour code


12. You can use anything to colour code, paint, washi tape, pens... anything!  Here I used paint to colour in this chart, one colour per child.  It tells me what each child needs to bring to school on any certain day.


13. Last but not least, I used different coloured pens to write out our hockey schedule for one Sunday, we had 4 games plus one practice so I needed to colour code it by child so we knew who had to be where and when ;)



If you like these tips I have an entire class over at Big Picture Classes all about making your planner Pretty and Practical, with 6 lessons full to bursting with ideas to keep your organised in a beautifully decorated planner. cleck it out at the link below:

Planning made Pretty and Practical

Happy Planning!