A Planner Challenge with a CUTE hockey style Face-off :D
13 things you can do today to make your Pretty Planner Bits work for you!

Round up your Printable Planner Pages in our Planner Challenge Round 2


my round 1 project
Nancy's round 1 project

There is soooo much you can do with printable planner pages from the internet besides printing 8.5x11, hole punching and sticking them in a ring binder.  Here are a few examples and Nancy will post her take on this challenge later today :D 

Month at a Glance page

I need to see my monthly page quickly and it needs to be able to hold up to some wear and tear since it will get handled at least once a day for a whole mont.  So what I did was print one of my printables (available for free immediately when you sign up for my Practically Perfect Planner class) at a smaller size to fit in my notebook.  Then I stitched it to 3 or 4 of the notebook pages to give it some resistance.  

1.  It's quite hard to stitch that side that's closest to the middle seam of the book.  I positioned my calendar far enough away from it so that I could get it to run through the sewing machine.  
2.  I also stitched on 'reverse' for one whole side that wouldn't fit through the arm of the sewing machine.
3.  It would have been a lot easier to maneuver the book in the sewing machine if I had done this page before decorating the cover.  The washi tape made the cover quite stiff.

After I stitched it to 3-4 pages I took the next page and glued it to the back page to cover up the stitching.  I'm not a fan of the back side of stitching on paper. I also added a bit of washi tape to make a tab, this and the fact that the calendar is 5 pages thick make it really easy find.


Mini 'Week at a Glance' booklet


I printed off a bunch of the week at a glance pages (get them here!).  The first half of the week on the backs, the second half on the fronts.  These are designed to have a margin down the middle for stitching or hole punching.  I printed them pretty small (4x5 inches), then cut a cover to fit from scrapbook paper and stitched up the side.


I made a pocket (tutorial in my free video series here) to fit, stuck it to the inside of the front cover and then had fun decorating it.

1.  The stitching on the pocket is just for show.  I didn't want to sew through my pretty cover from challenge 1.  So, I just stitched around the pocket and stuck it down with strong adheasive.
2.  Remember when you measure your pocket, to leave enough room for adheasive and to get your book in and out.



Coral Loose Printable Planner Pages


Now, I said that didn't like 'daily dockets' but sometimes when things get busy, they do come in handy from time to time.  I just don't use them every day. This pocket would be great for pages like 'today's schedule' and 'to-do lists' as well. Since I don't use these types of pages everyday and I don't know when I'll need them.  I don't need them to be stuck in my planner just yet. But, having them handy inside the back cover is just what I need.

I made the pocket the same as the one for my week at a glance booklet... fake stitching and strong adheasive.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can learn in my upcoming Planner Class. It's designed to help you learn how you use a planner in the first place so that you can adapt or make one to suit your individual needs.  I will help you figure out various ways to make your planner work for you, be those crafty projects or not, depending on what you want.  With in-depth questions we delve into you needs and wants from a planner, then we come up with a plan to help you customise your practically perfect planner.  If this sounds like something you'd like to try with your planner click here for more information.  I'd love to see you in class!