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My views on the Fun Planner Trend :D

It's important to realise that each group is completely different and has their own reasons for owning and using a planner and that not any one group is any better than any of the others.  We are all different and we all need and love different things in planners as in any other things in life :D  I don't think that we can compare one with the others and that they are 3 very separate groups.

Now where do I fit in this list? ;) If you know me well, you know that I love to plan.  I NEED and LOVE to have a plan for any project big and small, so I am definitely in the first category.  I've been using a planner for as long as I can remember, since my mom gave me a free one she got when she bought her Christmas cards when I was 8 or 9. HOWEVER, I am a papercrafter, scrapbooker and memory keeper!  So decorating a planner is fun for me.  But, I don't decorate my everyday-plan-my-life planner.  I do add fun cards, clips etc, but the pages are pretty plain.  Just a bunch of pencilled lists and notes.

I like to decorate my Memory Planner, which I'm using more like Project Life.


I'm participating in a Listers Gotta List challenge on instagram, but that's more like a scrapbook than a planner anyway :D


So there you have it!  Now, where you do fit in?  If you would like to be more of a life-long planner, but can't seem to get a planner to work for you, please check out my Practically Perfect Planner class.  I will help you discover what you really need from a planner first, before choosing which planner you will use.  And it will be a planner that works the way you need it to work :D Registration closes Saturday, May 2 at midnight Pacific so hurry and grab your spot!! Extended one day!! Sunday May 3 at midnight!