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A Happy Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!

Studio refresh - come and play!


I've done a few improvements to my studio to not only make 'play' time run more smoothly, but also to display and store projects, both finished and in the works.

I make quite a few projects but then I find that they get stored away in an album (ahem after sitting in a stack for way tooooo long) and they don't get seen.  So, after being inspired by Paige Evan's I set up a layout wall, but as you can see I'm having trouble keeping them on my wall! A little more mac tack should do the trick :D


 As far as mini albums are concerned, I bought these shelves to display them ages ago! It took my 13 year old son to figure out how to drill holes into the cement wall and get them installed!

There are a few project kits and half finished mini books and things from various workshops I've taken.  This little cart below the shelves is perfect for those.  Oh look there's that stack of finished layouts waiting to be stored in an album :D 


Below are 2 Alex drawer units from IKEA stacked on top of one another.  I didn't bother with the wheels and this way they make a nice chest of drawers.  It sits right behind my desk so that it's in easy reach.  The drawers are shallow and are perfect for layouts and projects in progress.  The Cath Kidston bowls on top hold mostly die cuts but also enamel dots and little pretty bags and envelopes.  I have a recycle bin on the floor on the left and a box on the right for paper that I am no longer using so that I can give it away.


Here are some of the drawers open (the neater ones!) My memory keeper is in the top one and  everyday (or almost!), I write a little blurb about each day, and I write it right in the drawer!  It's the perfect height to stand and write, simple, fast and easy!

So those are the improvements I've made recently, thanks to Catherine my trusty sidekick and second pair of hands!  They seem small but they have made a HUGE difference in my studio, especially in being able to keep it tidy.  I no longer have half finished projects all over my desk.  They are stored away neat and tidy, but at the same time not tucked away so much that I forget about them.

You can see more photos of my studio HERE.

What are your favourite parts about your creative space?