A Happy Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!
Have you jumped on the memory planner bandwagon?

Choose your own Adventure... Planner ;)



The GIVEAWAY has ended, see the end of the post for the winner :D

Sarah truly is a kindred spirit and I almost feel like she's created this planner just for me!  I mean, come on, it has a Tardis to match my Tardis charm on the front of my cakedori :D


Here are some of my favourite parts of the Venture planner:

The adventures boxes - they really make me look at my day in a new light, to seek out what was an adventure that day.  With the 'adventure' label on some otherwise mundane detail (like taking a different running route) makes it feel more important and meaningful :D
Sarah's cute illustrations - again Tardis!!
The short to-do lists on the day page - there's nothing like a long list of things to overwhelm you!
The versatilty of it - I can change it up and print whichever pages and layouts I need for any given week, month etc 

If you are using regular computer paper, and printing on both sides, I would suggest printing it a bit lighter. Otherwise you can see the designs through on the other side.  Either that or use thicker paper. I also had a problem getting the two sides to line up so that the cut lines were in the same spot on the back as the front.  But, that may be because we use A4 size paper over here and not 8.5x11.

The planner comes in 4 sizes, Midori Traveler’s Notebook (4.5x8.5"), Filofax Personal Planner (3.7x6.7"), Half Page (8.5x5.5"), and Full Page (8.5x11") so whatever planner you're using, Sarah has it covered.


I made mine in the midori size so that it would fit in my faux dori.  I made a little traveller's notebook for the moth of June.  


Here are the steps that I took.

I found a cute double sided piece of cardstock that I loved.

I chose the planner pages that I wanted and printed them out, keeping in mind how they would be laid out in my book once they were folded in half.

I cut the planner pages and cardstock down to size and measured to the middle.

I drew a pencil mark down the middle, because I am really bad at sewing in a straight line ;)  (A Queen Amidala costume without a pattern, I have no problem with however - go figure!)

Then I stitched along the line, and folded it up!


I rounded the corners because the other notebooks in my cakedori have rounded corners


Et voila, c'est prêt!


If you'd like to try this Venture Planner for yourself you can go here to find out more:



you can enter your name into Sarah's safari hat to try and win one of your own!  Just leave me a comment below and I'll pick a winner Tuesday night (midnight pacific)!  Good luck!


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.15.34 PM

YAY!  Thanks everyone who entered!!  Congrats to Allyson, our winner!  Don't forget to check out the planner if you didn't win to get your own copy!




I bought this planner myself and no links are affiliate links.  All opinions are my own :D