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Memory Planners Part 2 - the low down

I'm back along with Francine from Callaloosoup.com and Nancy from Domesticraft.com with our second instalment of our blog series all about Memory Planners.  Today, I'm going to take you through how I set up and use my planner to capture memories on a daily basis.


With my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner there is a thick cardstock divider page for each month that usually has a simple pattern.  June has these gorgeous gold stripes.  I like to add a bit of embellishments to make it more 'me'.  This month I went a bit more whimsical than I have so far in my planner, maybe because it's Spring! 


Next there are lots of little goodie pages for photos of the month (still waiting to take that second one for June), a bookmark type page for birthdays and important days and even a pocket page with two 3x3 sleeves.  I got a fuse on Sunday (it was Mother's Day in Luxembourg) so I sealed up the bottom one after filling it with confetti :D


Next is my favourite page.  It's a ledger type patterned paper that leads you into the calendar bits.  I love to decorate this one the most.  This month I went with this cute card that I've been saving.  It has a nice quote!


Then comes the calendar page, and basically for me, this is just a neatened up copy of my wall calendar.  I love having this in here to be able to look back at how busy life is right now.  I usually do this after the month is over.


The last part of each monthly section includes a bunch of pages each with space for 3 days  on them.  These are the pages where I write a little blurb about each day.  This is the only spread I have decorated so far this month, but I always do it afterwards because I can't stand to write over bumpiness, even thin washi tape. I only journalled 3 out of 6 days, which is pretty typical.  I average 3-4 days each week.


One of my favourite parts about my planner are the prompts that are sprinkled through out, there are some here at the bottom of the calendar page and there are more on the back of the birthday bookmark.  These prompts make me get a little deeper and write things that I might overlook as I'm journalling but are wonderful ways to track my memories and so I'm thankful for these prompts. 


Don't forget to check out Nancy's and Francine's posts as well to see how their Memory Planners are coming along!

Next week is the last part of our blog series and I'll be talking about different tips and tricks for keeping the process simple and fitting it in to your daily plan ;)