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Christmas in July - make sure you send your cards this year!


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We are just coming out of a heat wave here in Europe and since I grew up in Canada and I have freckles and fair skin, my body does not like the heat!  Actually, I react really badly to hight temps. Once it goes over 28°C (82°F) I get cranky. Anything over 35°C (95°F), and I can't function.  Last week it was 38 (100).  Europe really doesn't do central air. I was a mess!  So, I got thinking of winter and glorious snow and of course Christmas :D  

So, maybe you don't react like I do to the heat, and maybe summer is your favourite time of year, or maybe you are in the southern hemispere and Christmas is in the summertime for you.  Whatever your situation and where ever you are it's kind of fun to think of Christmas now, right?  I mean it's such a magical time, the twinkling lights and the jingle bells really are magical.  

Why not bring a little of that magic to your July?  

What could that mean?  

*You could scrapbook some photos from Christmas past.  
*You could buy a few gifts... I often buy gifts before returning home to Canada each summer so that I can save on overseas shipping.
*You could bake some cookies now and freeze them.You could take your family Christmas card photo now while everyone is home and not so busy.
*What about homemade gifts?  If you start now, you'll be sure to be finished by Christmas ;)

click here for a Christmas in July checklist it kinda sorta makes me giddy ;)
This list will give you a head start so that come December, it's all easy sailing and you can just sit back and enjoy the season.

Check out these adorable ornaments by Patience Brewster.  Wouldn't they make fantastic gifts.  I especially love 'Dancer'. Look at her cute pointe shoes!!


But, what I really want to urge you to do is to start your Christmas cards.  
Raise your hand if you sent out cards last year.  Leave it up if it was stress free project.  Leave it up if those cards got tho friends and family on time.  Leave it up if they turned out the way you wanted them to look.  Still have your hand up?  Awesome, you are free to go!  The rest of you listen up! 

So what about those Christmas cards?  What if it wasn't such a big rush right before that looming 'guaranteed delivery by Christmas' cut off date?  I'm not saying do them all now, but why not start slowly hacking away at them?  Below, I've compiled a list of all the things that need to get done before sending them out.  Who is to say you can't do some of this in July?  Sending Christmas cards is a HUGE task.  Make it easy on yourself come Christmas time so that you can enjoy the season more.

Feel free to print off this checklist so you can have it with you.

Christmas card checklist

The second step is to find the design that you like. Well it just so happens that I have 3 designs that are included in a Christmas in July bundle sale that starts tomorrow!  Here are the 3 designs.  

Cara cover image

If you grab this bundle now, that's one step already checked off!  But, my cards aren't the only things you get in the bundle.  There are 14 other awesome Christmas products to get you ready for the holidays, NOW! :D  There is a large variety of different classes, patterns, scrapbooking products, calendars and more!


More details here

Next up in the Christmas in July blog hop is Alison from So go on over there, leave her a comment and continue along the blog hop to increase your chances to win :D

Merry Christmas ;)


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How would you like to win one of the bundles? Just leave me comment below telling me the part you find the most stressful about preparing for the holidays.  A winner will be chosen at random from all the comments left on participating blogs' posts. Comments will close at 9:00 PM EST on July 10th. That's today, so don't wait!!