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The Amazing Power of One Book July

Now if you haven't heard of One Book July, it was an idea started by RhomanysRealm and friends. Watch her video on youtube to find out more about it, but basically the idea is to go back to the simplicity of planning and what it's purpose is... keeping you organised.  One book, one pen, one month.  


I absolutely LOVE this idea.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love the creative part of planning, but I don't even decorate my day to day planner.  I save that for my memory planner.  I've only ever used one book to plan, and occasionally using an extra notebooks to plan out specific projects, like my Big Picture Classes class for example.  My one book is a Cakedori, which is that fab pink cover you see in the photos!

I have always had everything in the one book.  This is absolutely fanstastic and here's why:

I always KNOW where everything is, which is the basis of organisation.

plus, it fits in my purse ;)


HOWEVER... telling a creative planner girl that she should just use one book and one pen, is like telling a scrapbooker that she should just put her photos in a regular photo album with names and dates and be done with it!  Ack!!

That isn't a lot of fun, in all honesty, I think that would be torture for me!! BUT, there is something to say for stripping it all down to the basics, the bare bones.  this allows you to discover what you miss.  

And what you miss is what you love.  

It gets rid of all the have to's and the should's and reveals your favourite bits.  I think that taking part in something like one book july is a wonderful challenge and it is extended not only to planners but art journalers, journalers, etc.

What would happen if you had to use just one book?  

Think you'd have trouble sticking to just one book? I have a blog post dedicated to keeping things to a minimum in the planner world. Before you BUY ALL the THINGS!  It will help you see what you really need and love in your planning. Check it out! 

4 things you NEED to do before you Buy all the Things.

Happy Planning... in one book ;)